Dreidl Dreidl…me wanna play…..

Published December 9, 2012 by NylabluesMum

Hello Katz: As you may know me n da Mum are Jewish!! Me iz bery into all da holidaze n helpin seelebrate them wif her!!! Fer Chanukkah me sitz with Rabbi GoldBear n Pinkie fer service:Hangin' with my PeepsDen me likez to watch da candlez of da Menorah shinin brightly (VBP):My Gran Hu'manz MenorahDiz iz similar (VBP) to me Mum’z Father’z Menorah (no camera so no pic of ourz).

Den da fun beginz az me Mum spinz da dreidlz fer me !! dreidl 3Diz iz me fave dreidl. Me also has 2 red onez n a yellow one n a wood one like diz:wood dreidlMe lubz to smack dem hard once Mum getz dem all spinnin!! Me sendz dem flyin eberywhere…

Fer supper da Mum iz gonna hab Potato Latkez like dese:Potato LatkesMe iz gonna put da ‘bitey-bite’ on sum too!!!

We wishez eberyone here a Happy Chanukkah who sellebrate da holiday. Me will close wif 2 fave pix me chosed from da ‘Net me lubz:Chanukkah kitty 2Diz like me wif da dreidl!Chanukkah kitty 1Diz me too when me Mum bringz a new dreidl home fer me!!!

*Paw Patz* from Nylablue N Mum.


12 comments on “Dreidl Dreidl…me wanna play…..

    • Yow Jet n family: Happy Chanukkah to all of you too!!! Me Mum haz been sick agin so we haven’t bin here at all…..wazn’t Chanukkah fun?? Me played Dreidlz ebery nite n last nite we opened da giftz by Menorah lite!! Me waz spoiled n me lubbed it!!! Mum opened 1 itty bitty gift n is iz a pair of ‘healing sockz’ which she needz after breakin a toe 10 dayz ago, MOL!!! You haz da smar Rabbi Goldbear?? Me Mum sayz she bought 2 n sent 1 to her Father who waz a Cantor fer 32 yearz. So our bear iz “Henry Goldbear” Yow! Me lubz dat bear. Didn’t get to meet Mum’z Father but he lubbed me from afar….fankz fer stoppin’ by.
      *paw patz* from Nylablue.

  • oh Nylablue, I never knew about the dreidlz! It’a a game! And what a cool cat toy too! I know you and Miss Sherri Ellen are having a pawsome Festival of Lights…we celebrate Christmas just ‘cuz Dad and Mom like the decorations, but they are not “religious” about it…just use it as a time to remember all that was happy in their past holidays…paw hugs, Savvy

    • Eeooww Savannah n Miss Linda: We iz habin a quiet Chanukkah….me Mum sayz we gonna open some giftz on da last nite…me haz seen da pakagez!
      Me Hu’Man iz bery spiritual about diz holiday in dat she wuud of had 3 babiez born diz month so fer her it iz a memorial (VBP) of sortz she told me…
      Brought da tearz to da eyez me can tell you!!!!
      Oh da dreidlz are da best n seein’ Mum spinnin dem fer me makez me happy…;)
      ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen.

  • Happy Chanukkah to Nylablue and Miss Sherri Ellen. We hope you both enjoy the festival . It sounds like Nylablue’s is really enjoying her dreidel and all the traditions that accompany this time of year. Thank you for sharing it wit us. Take good care of each other!
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Yow Mistletoe n Hitch: Me iz habbin fun pawin n smackin da 5 Dreidlz me haz!! Keepz da Mum buzu tryin to find dem when me smackz im!!!!!
      Me lubz to listen to da Mum sayin da prayerz n den she litez da candlex n we sit together n she tellz me storiez about when she waz a little kit herself….bringz a tear to diz kitteh’s eye….
      We lubz dis time of year!!!
      Paw Patz to both of you, Nylablue.

    • The Dreidl iz a spinning top dat haz 4 Hebrew letterz…one fer each side. n dey each mean sumfing: lose a turn; take some of the gelt (money or choccie); double the amount or lose all da choccie/money..da kiddiez spin dese little topz n bet (yez da are gamblin’) fer chocolate or penniez or whateber dere money iz….
      Not shure how diz started but me lubz to play da game wif Mum n me getz all the kibble me can eat…me alwayz winz!!!!

  • Mummy Janey is half Jewish but we can’t tell which half…her and Daddy Chris don’t do the oil foods , because ,well…they are boring. Don’t get too close to the menorah…Oscar has to be held back because he likes candles and burnt his whiskers off one year(!). We do Christmas too,so there are lots of opportunites for whisker incidents in our home!!!
    The Maple Syrup Mob

    • EEowww me knowz about da candle fire az me got too close da first year me waz wif da Mum!!! We do CATmas because most of da fur-enz n family are Christian (VBP) n we want to gib pressiez to many, MOL…..
      Me finkz it iz da top half dat iz Jewish….me Mum prayz n Hebrew n eatz alot of da food n playz dreidlz wif me, YOW YOW!!!
      Lub to you all xoxo

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