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Catmas craziez

Published December 22, 2012 by NylabluesMum

Eeooww me Fur-endz: Da Nylablue here…dere iz so much actibity goin on here me Mum haz not bin on da computer. Me sitz on da closed computer lookin furlorn hopin she wuud get da hint, yow, yow….den me sitz on da counter lookin bored hopin n hopin:Beautiful disinterestFinally da Mum got da hint n said, “Nylablue do you want to do a blog befur our birfdayz!!! YOW!! It shure took you long enuff Mum to figure diz out!!!!

Now da Mum haz bin out ebery day doin shopping n buyin alot of pressiez fur da 2 leggedz in her fambily: fer her Sister, me Aunti Stacey who iz lubly n her 2 kitz n da older kit haz 2 kitz of her own so Mum haz been hustlin’ n bustlin’ about like a crazy Hu’man. Me haz bin snoopervizing da wrappin of da pressiez n nappin to get me strength (VBP) back:Me-sleep-in-big-bedWhen me getz into her bed she all wayz coberz me up. It iz bery sweet of her to wurry so much about me.

Mum haz bin actin weird tho; seemz ebery nite  n me had to sit her down n hab a talk wif her. She haz bin stressed out n in alot of pain tween the broken toe n da bone dizease she haz….so we got all snuggly on da couch n me asked what waz wrong wif her?? She started to cry n she told me she missez her past husband Paul. Me neber met him but me haz heard many storiez. He waz not able to move n had to use a wheelchair to get around. He n Mum were married from Dec.23rd, 1984 until he died April 30th, 1996….poor Mum!! Me can only ‘magine what she iz feelin’. He waz a handsome fella:Paul late 80'sThe 2 kitz are his niecez who are now all grown up n send Mum cardz ebery year.

So Mum had a weepy n me head butted her bunchez in lubbed on her n she iz feelin much better. Well maybe not  much better, but she iz smilin more n not cryin all da time. She sayz she needz to be wif 2 leggedz or she will dissolve (VBP) in a puddle of tearz n me cuud not bear dat at all!!!  Me knowz she iz missin him in finkin about dere wedding all dem yearz ago….Poor poor Hu’Man…..

We wish eberyone a bery Merry Catmas!! Monday Mum n me cellybratez our birfdayz n den she goez to Aunti Stacey’z. Me be back on here at the end of the week. Be safe n hab a great hollyday!! Me be here guardin da place fer Mum n waitin to get back on da computer!!!Nylablue guarding door




Dreidl Dreidl…me wanna play…..

Published December 9, 2012 by NylabluesMum

Hello Katz: As you may know me n da Mum are Jewish!! Me iz bery into all da holidaze n helpin seelebrate them wif her!!! Fer Chanukkah me sitz with Rabbi GoldBear n Pinkie fer service:Hangin' with my PeepsDen me likez to watch da candlez of da Menorah shinin brightly (VBP):My Gran Hu'manz MenorahDiz iz similar (VBP) to me Mum’z Father’z Menorah (no camera so no pic of ourz).

Den da fun beginz az me Mum spinz da dreidlz fer me !! dreidl 3Diz iz me fave dreidl. Me also has 2 red onez n a yellow one n a wood one like diz:wood dreidlMe lubz to smack dem hard once Mum getz dem all spinnin!! Me sendz dem flyin eberywhere…

Fer supper da Mum iz gonna hab Potato Latkez like dese:Potato LatkesMe iz gonna put da ‘bitey-bite’ on sum too!!!

We wishez eberyone here a Happy Chanukkah who sellebrate da holiday. Me will close wif 2 fave pix me chosed from da ‘Net me lubz:Chanukkah kitty 2Diz like me wif da dreidl!Chanukkah kitty 1Diz me too when me Mum bringz a new dreidl home fer me!!!

*Paw Patz* from Nylablue N Mum.

Don’t let yer Hu’Man outta da house unattended!!!!!

Published December 8, 2012 by NylabluesMum

Diz iz my sweet Mum!!!Sherri Ellen 2011She is bery lubly Hu’Man…she takez such bunderful care of me n lubz me so much!!! Alwayz feedz me when me wantz a meal n keepz me home clean n tidy….

Dere iz just one problem: Me can’t let her go out unattended (VBP)!!!!! Thiz iz why:

broken toe

Da Mum went out Thursday to do errandz wif her friend Leon (her bestie’z hubby) n also to the Chiropractor who did 5 adjustmentz on her….eben the spe-shell one so she wuud NOT drag her right foot….Seems half  hour later az she waz leavin da Bank she dragged her right foot n tried to straighten it out n took another step finking her foot wuud land flat on da ground. Instead her toez were curled UNDER DA BOTTOM OF HER FOOT N SHE BROKE DA LITTLE BABY TOE!!!

When she returned home she waz in tearz n hobblin n it waz pawful to watch, so me hopped up on da couch n she got her ice pack n we spent some ‘quality’ time togeber!!! Me kept her home yesterday n she did ice da poor paw alot n used her Myoflex cream n me  pawed the Codeine bottle fer her n she took some after da supper!!!

Today she sayz she iz gonna go to the 10,000 Villagez sale 1 1/2 blockz from our place!!! OY MY CAT!!! Me waz Yowin me dizapproval n Mum said she will use the WALKER thing with wheelz to steady her balance….it haz been snowin a bit out so how can me deny her a walk thru da snowflakez??? *sigh* Being a Hu’Man owner iz NOT eazy!!! Pleeze pray she comez back home in one piece wif nothin else broken….fankz!!!!

Me gotta go hab a nap & compose (VBP) meself fer her return!!!Close-the-drapes-plz

P.S.: Da Dreidl blog iz comin…once me can get da Hu’Mum to sit down n help me wif da pix me wantz to use…pleeze bear wif us…fankz again….