Summer wrap up & do I look like a Husky Mum??

Published November 24, 2012 by Nylabluesmum

EEoww dere Krazy Katz: Me finally got da Hu’Mum on here to type fer me! She bin bery buzy wif dat Chriss-mess stuff n Chanukkah n cards n wrappin…me stayz outta da way or she will wrap me fer sure!!!!!!

Mum got da photoz of me in me new Condo diz Summer so we iz gonna share da best of dem here:Izn’t me lookin good?? Lubbin da Sun…it waz fabulous (VBP). Diz me faborite hobby of course….da nappin in da Sun….Me lubz diz pic of me in da ‘half moon’ poe-si-shun; bery comfy! When da Sun got too warm Mum just covered da condo n me could enjoy the warmth…Den me wakez up fer da tuna, tuna, tuna!!!!

Mum took da pix wif a camera phone so she had trubble gettin good anglez; but dese gib eberyone an idea how nice da new Condo iz. Mum attached da old Condo wif clampz so me haz a sleeping part & a spot to eat in between n da 2nd condo haz me litterbox in it….so me waz able to stay out all day n nap n watch da squirrelz n birdz. It waz a lubly Summer fer me. (Not so much fer da Mum wif dat bad tooth n da surgery but we got thru it all right wif me lub n help.)

So now it iz November n it snowed out last nite. Da Mum waz all eggcited n dancin about lookin kind of funny as in MOFWL!!!!!!!! Den she sayz to me diz mornin, “So you wanna go out Nylablue?” Me iz like, “MMMMMMOOOOOOOEEEEE!!!” What you thinkin Hu’man?? Me iz not a Husky… me look like yer doggie from yearz ago?? Well do me?????Diz iz me da cat in da warm house lookin out at da snow!!! Me iz hopin da Mum figures dis out or me iz gonna need thermal wear (VBP X 2).

So diz iz da Summer wrap up!!! It waz a bery good Summer n me iz gonna miss dem long warm dayz n hangin wif da birdiez n me fur-end Sadie Mae:Thank da Cat God she haz a warm sweater to wear when her Hu’Mum takez her out!!! She can come bizit me at  home…den she can get warm befur her Mum makez her run thru da snow again, yow, yow!!!

Oh n me waz sent a lubly gift from me new fur-end Savannah:Diz iz a ‘Boogie Mat’ n it iz da BEST!!!! Me Mum put in crinkle tissue paper n some catnip n den rubbed da mat wif more catnip n me playz n napz on it ebery day!!!! Fankz so much Savannah…diz will make Winter more bear-able!

Dat’z all fer now!!! YOW!!! NYLABLUE OUT!



10 comments on “Summer wrap up & do I look like a Husky Mum??

    • EEooww RA…me iz so happy to see you here!!!! Me Mum told me her Husky waz named Play It Again Sam n Bogart Sam…she sayz he waz a pawsome boy who lubbed to go in da tow truckz n romp in da park wif her…
      Me wishez me could play wif a Husky like Bogart Sam n YOU!!

  • Oh, sweet Nylablue you look so comfy and cozy in your condo. We hope the new season brings you and your Mum wonderful times and all good things. It is hard to believe winter will soon be here. Love, hugs and nose kisses for you and your mum from me, Chancy and the kitties.

    • *wavez tail at Aunti Maggie* Yow to Chancy n da kittehz!!! We had snow a few weekz ago n it stayed for a week n melted but me Mum said iz too cold fer me to go out. True cuase it makez dat Herpez Virus start up n me can get sick quick 😦
      So me snugglez in condo in da place n purrtendz me iz outside….
      We hope all iz well wif all of youz! ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue N da Mum.

  • waving paws for Nylyblue!!! HI!!!!! I luvluvluv your new condo! If I would let Mom pick me up, I could have one too, but I don’t know how she would ever get me into it! So purrleased you like the Boogie Mat! Brian, from over at Brian’s Home called it my “Nip’N Nap Mat” so that stuck for me…but I do like to use it like a boogie board and slide on it!!! paw hugs for you Nylablue and Miss Sherri-Ellen

    • Fankz Savannah! Me Mum neber had to pick me up to put me in iCondo….when she got the first one me just walked in. Az me waz in a cage when me waz a breeder me waz not scared. When Mum brought da new condo home me waz bery curious n went right in again….Mum put in me Sherpa mat n some of me stuffies n rubbed eberyfing with catnip also. You neber know you might be a Condo girl too!!!!!
      Me haz not slid on da mat; me purr-furrz to eat my ‘nip den nap on it….me likez da name “NipNap Mat’ da best….
      ~~head rubz to you~~ Nylablue & strokes from da Mum, Sherri-Ellen.

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