7 Thingz about NYLABLUE (datz me!!)

Published November 7, 2012 by NylabluesMum

Eeeoww Katz n Hu’manz: Da Nylablue here to do a bloggy. Miss Savannah sent diz award to me n me wanted to share me ‘7 Thingz about me’ wif all of you!!

1) Me iz a Bluepoint Birman/Siamese cross.

2) Me had a half sister Mischa who waz a Bluepoint Siamese. (She went to da Bridge 2 yearz ago).3) Me lubz Lo-Salt Skipjack Tuna….nom, nom, nom.

4) Me lubz to snuggle on da Mum’z lap n when she strokez me, me droolz!!

5) Me lubz to paw da litter outa da box onto da floor right after da Mum cleanz da floor; it is one of me favorit gamez, yow, yow!!!!

6) Me lubz me Condo dat I go out in during da Summer.7) Despite startin me Life wif hardship n havin no love me now haz known love from me Hu’Mum fer 6 1/2 yearz n me haz over 30 toyz too!!!!

So dere iz da 7 thingz you may not have known ’bout me!! YOW!!!


13 comments on “7 Thingz about NYLABLUE (datz me!!)

  • Nicknamez?? Me haz many!! Sweet Feet; Chubby Chicken; DiDi which is Sister in East Indian; Paw Pawz; Bubba Paw Pawz & finally Kitty Girl…whew dat iz alot of namez izn’t it Mistletoe??? xo

  • Hi Nylablue!!! So happy to see you posting today…purrrrrrsss…I did not know you had a half sib, so sorry she went to the bridge…leaky eyes…and I luvluvluv all the 7 things about you…I luvluvluv EVERYTHING about you!!! paw pats, Savannah

    • Eeoww Savannah: Me Mum found out about Mischa in 2006 after me came to live wif her…she went to meet her n said she waz a carbon copy (VBP) of me!!!
      She had dat nasty Kidney Diseaze n went to the Bridge 2 yearz ago…
      Fanks fer encouragin’ me to blog…me wazn’t sure 4 leggedz n 2 leggedz here wood like me….*hidez face in pawz*
      Lub ya Savvy from Nylablue!!

      • Yow Savannah: You iz makin diz kitty bury head bein embarrassed (VBP). Me Mum sayz me is bein ‘humble’ whateber dat meanz??
        Me Mum iz da BEST HU’MAN me haz eber known in me whole life. She carez fer all CatGod’z creaturez…she eben rescued wormz that were drownin in da birdiez water dish when we had all the rain a few weekz ago….diz Hu’Mum neber ceasez to amaze me!!!!
        Oh n Mum wantz to know if you sent dat ‘sumfing’ as a parcel or letter in da mail???
        She haz a card to pick sumfing up tomorrow n won’t tell me what it iz…..YOW!!!!
        Paw patz from da NYLABLUE>

  • We are just laughing and laughing about you putting the litter on the floor…one of us does that ..but we’re not saying who!!!!!
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  • ok Leo and Star, ya have to wait until my next rescue cat interview in December!!! I have it locked and loaded for posting already with my bestest new Canadian furriend Nylablue…don’t jump the boat here guys, OK…just sayin’….paw pats, Savannah

  • Fankz Andrea n da Celestial Kitties fer da nice wordz. Me iz enjoyin diz blog so much; me hogz da computer from me Hu’Mum alot!!! YOW YOW!!!
    Me don’t remember me first name when me waz a breeder. When me waz found on da streetz da Hu’man named me Nyla. Me neber answered to it…..den diz Hu’man rescued me n she reesearched me name. In Greek it meanz ‘winner’. In Sanskrit (East Indian) it meanz ‘dark blue’.
    2 weekz b4 da Hu’Mum met me she bought a dark blue blanket fer no reason!! Of course it became me blankie when me came to her!!!!
    After 2 or 3 dayz da Hu’Mum called me NYLABLUE n me let her pat me; lettin her know diz waz a good name…so me iz da Dark blue Blue, yow, yow!!!!!
    Fankz fer askin as diz iz one of my faborite storiez!!
    P.S.: it iz lubly to meet all of youz!! Paw patz from NYLABLUE.

    • Yow Goddess Freya iz just as lucky az me!! Aunti Eevee n Uncle Beardie you both iz da BERY BEST!!!!
      Me doez have alot of toyz. N Mum sayz dere are more somewhere n da place….hhhmmmmm…must go look fer dem!!! Give Freya da strokez fer me n me Mum. xo

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