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7 Thingz about NYLABLUE (datz me!!)

Published November 7, 2012 by NylabluesMum

Eeeoww Katz n Hu’manz: Da Nylablue here to do a bloggy. Miss Savannah sent diz award to me n me wanted to share me ‘7 Thingz about me’ wif all of you!!

1) Me iz a Bluepoint Birman/Siamese cross.

2) Me had a half sister Mischa who waz a Bluepoint Siamese. (She went to da Bridge 2 yearz ago).3) Me lubz Lo-Salt Skipjack Tuna….nom, nom, nom.

4) Me lubz to snuggle on da Mum’z lap n when she strokez me, me droolz!!

5) Me lubz to paw da litter outa da box onto da floor right after da Mum cleanz da floor; it is one of me favorit gamez, yow, yow!!!!

6) Me lubz me Condo dat I go out in during da Summer.7) Despite startin me Life wif hardship n havin no love me now haz known love from me Hu’Mum fer 6 1/2 yearz n me haz over 30 toyz too!!!!

So dere iz da 7 thingz you may not have known ’bout me!! YOW!!!