Love when you least expect it…

Published October 27, 2012 by NylabluesMum

Hello Friends: Sherri-Ellen here….NYLABLUE gave me ‘purrmission’ to do a blog for a change, hahaha!! I thought it would be nice to bring everyone up to date on Shalimar & his new Shelter friends.

I went to visit Shalimar & my 2nd rescue cat Serenia yesterday. Shalimar started to ‘tippytoe’ dance as soon as he heard my voice!!! I went into the room where the cages are & there he was meowing & dancing!!! He rubbed my hand thru the bars & kissed me numerous times which made my day!!! I then checked on my 2nd rescue Serenia:She had to be operated on & it was discovered she was already spayed which really has confused all of us! If she was a used up breeder we could understand her being dumped behind the pet food store. However she was spayed so why wasn’t she posted on Kijiji or taken to the Humane Society who run a no-kill shelter for cats & dogs who need to be rehomed or brought to the local Shelter?? None of it makes sense!!! Poor Serenia was dazed from sedation but she did rub the cage bars when I spoke to her…..then I met Seal:another dumped kitty; a Siamese/Torti mix who had to be spayed…she was groggy also but oh so cute!!! I could not touch the sedated cats so just spoke quietly to both of the girls to reassure them…….& then there is KENNY G.!!! Oh my CAT!! This boy has a voice like a feline Pavarotti…..No one could figure out his heritage; so I spent some time with him & discoverd he is Burmese!!! Kenny G. is dark auburn brown with shimmering fur & those green eyes & the VOICE!!! The operators were thrilled I figured out what breed Kenny G is & so was I!! He told me all about being there & watching over Shalimar for me….before I knew it the hour was done & my ride had returned. So I said Goodbye to all the lovely 4 leggeds there & placed a kissed finger thru the bars on Shalimar. He kissed me back & meowed “Goodbye”.

Altho’ I had a wonderful time with Shalimar & his friends I came home & cried. I have bonded with Shalimar after 2 1/2 months of caring for him so must ‘let go’ of him now emotionally….I get attached to a certain degree when I do rescue however my rescues usually last between 4-7 days so I don’t get as attached. So I am in ‘Shalimar withdrawal’ right along with Nylablue who looks out the patio door every night hoping to catch a glimpse of her friend…Who would have thought an tabby cat of dubious heritage would have found a way into our hearts?? Love happens when you least expect it!!! So now Nylablue & I have quiet nights talking about Shalimar & hoping he & his friends all find their ‘fur-ever’ homes soon.  They are ‘pawsome’ cats & I am blessed to have rescued 2 of them & met the others who I will carry in my heart & mind for the rest of my Life……

12 comments on “Love when you least expect it…

  • All are such beautiful cats. Rest in the fact that you helped those sweeties and played a very large part in giving them a place to be safe and not have to go without food. I get attached to every animal and child I help…just love them all so I can well understand your attachements sweet Sherri-Ellen. Hugs and nose kisses for you and sweet Nylablue from Chancy me and the kitties.

  • So excited to meet a fellow nutter..hmmmm…I mean cat lover. Heathcliff sends you big head rubs.
    I’m looking forward to learning all about you both…seems we are so much alike!
    Jane xx

    • Hello Jane: it is a pleasure to meet you too!!! LOL we might be ‘nutters’ but we are the BEST kind of nutters!!!!! We do seem alot alike: no kids; had huskies; love cats; live in Canada….this is ‘pawsome’!!!!
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xo

  • lovely blog, they are all beautiful kitties especially Serenia (what a lovely name ) I know what you mean about getting attached, that is why I had to give up vet nursing, I would cry every day when I got home from work : ( xxx

    • Hi Eevee: I hear you on the getting attached…I think that is why I didn’t go into Vet Nursing…..I’d have been a basket case!!! Doing people nursing was hard enough!!
      There are so many cats there waiting to be adopted….Inky found a new home yesterday so that is good.
      Serenia is a combination of Serena & Cerenia (which is a medication used in cats here)…It kind of hit me what a lovely name Serenia would be….a variation of Serena….I’m always thinking, hahaha!!

    • Thanks Toby!!! Knowing I helped 2 cats to be safe & off the streets is reward enough for me!!! Weather people say the remnants of Hurricane Sandy could be vicious so I am very relieved Shalimar & Serenia & the others are somewhere dry & safe.

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