What we did wif Shall-e-mar (a happy endin…)

Published October 17, 2012 by NylabluesMum

Hey dere Katz: It’z me again: da Nylablue! Me Mum sayz me could tell all of you about Shall-e-mar, so here goez:

Yesterday da Mum went wif a fur-end to get the live trap. She came home bery wound up…me finkz too much coffee, yow, yow. Before it got dark she put food in the trap n set it n came in n she sat frettin’ for ober an hour!! Me curled up on her lap to keep her calm. Not too long after it got dark Shall-e-mar appeared sniffin around the trap. Mum went out to entice her into trap….Shalley’s shoulder kept hittin the side of the trap & set it off n scared her silly!!  Shall-e-mar waz too tall fer da trap!!!!Mum came in to get more food n she asked me “What do we do about Shall-e-mar?” Me said, “Eeoww, eeoww, yow!!” Diz Hu’man can speak CAT; she looked at me n said, “Great idea Sweet Feet!” n out she went again. She put the food down n opened up my silver condo n after Shalley ate some she quickly picked her up n put her with the food into the condo. TA-DA!! We got her!!!

Mum sat outside wif  Shall-e-mar tellin her about the Shelter n how she would find a gud home n how me waz there before. Shall-e-mar calmed down as Mum talked to her..Mum iz pawsome!!!!!!!!!

Aunti Renee from the local Animal Shelter came to pic up Shall-e-mar n say ‘Hello’ to me. She was so happy to see me sittin on top of the stereo oberseeing da capture. Aunti Renee was laughin when she saw da empty live trap n Shall-e-mar sitti in me condo!!! Da bylaw sayz katz should be in da trap but az it waz me Mum Aunti made an exsepshun! Fankz Aunti!

Aunti Renee & Uncle Todd came by wif da condo this afternoon n bizited wif me for a few minutez. Me alwayz likez to see dem! Dey & me Mum saved me Life; dat iz a story fer another time….

Now az me dictatez to Mum it iz 24 hourz later wifout  Shall-e-mar n guezz what??????? Me missez da kitty!!! Me who doez not like other kittiez! Me iz in shock too. N there iz somefing else dat is bery funny: Shall-e-mar iz a B-O-Y!!! A neutered boy. Yow, yow!! Fer da first time me Mum waz wrong finking Shall-e-mar waz a girl!!! Me iz rollin about on da couch wif kitty laughter!! Jokez on me!!! Me thought so too….

Mum cleaned da silver condo on da patio & took the germs off it den put it in tub to dry. Den she set it up fer me n me did some chin rubbin n had a little rest in it. Mum waz gonna break it down fer storage but me lubz havin 2 condos to lie in; me iz one pampurred kitty, yow, yow!

Once we get a pic of Shall-e-mar we will post it here; fer now you can look at me in my silver condo dat saved da day & saved dat Shall-e-mar…..Nylablue signin off fer now,,,,


14 comments on “What we did wif Shall-e-mar (a happy endin…)

  • Hi Nylablue! Savannah here! Would you ask Mum to put a follow by email button on your bloggy so I can follow you? I only follow by email and you are using WP so she just needs to add it from “Appearance”, then select “Widgets” and there is special Widget that says “follow by email” so drag it over to the sidebar and place it where you want it, and voila! thanks lots, Savannah

  • Good job!! You and your mom did terrific. Keep enjoying being pampered and those nice condos sweet Nylablue. Hugs and nose kisses for you and your mom from all of us.

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