Me tried to be nice

Published October 1, 2012 by NylabluesMum

Da Nylablue here… iz bery angry wif da Shall-e-mar!! Okay we all knowz me not cwazy about kittiez coming here fur da food n attenshun da Mum gibez them. Me haz been bery payshent wif diz kitty fur a while now!! 2 nitez ago me did NOT eben get off da couch to go prowl when Shall-e-mar came fur food. Me waz such a good kitty girl!!! Mum gabe me so much lubbinz….

Last nite dere waz no Shall-e-mar just b4 darktime. She showed up when da Moon waz up high in da southern sky. Me waz wurried ’bout stoopid Shall-e-mar n when she waz eatin’ me went to the door to bizit….me did NOT lift a paw to her…Mum saw it too!! Shall-e-mar reared up on da hind legz n she waz batting da glass wif da pawz!! Me gotz bery angrrrry n me fought back wif da pawz poundin’ da glass n me told Shall-e-mar diz waz not gonna happen agin!!!

Mum sayz we looked like thiz:It waz NOT a pretty sight!! Mum waz bery angrrry wif da Shall-e-mar too n she closed all da doorz n closed da drapez. She told me she iz not feedin diz kitty again….we will see how long she holdz out…..

Shall-e-mar you iz on da notice!!!!! Time to move on ‘fuzzy face’!!!!!


4 comments on “Me tried to be nice

  • Awww, sweet Nylablue you were just protecting your territory. We hopes that all worked out and there will be peace. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Eeoow Aunti Maggie: Me iz bein nice to diz shall-e-mar as da Mum iz tryin to get her into da Shelter where me came from. Me knowz diz kitty haz no home, so me bein nicer to ‘fuzzy face’. Me Mum told me she lubz me wif all her heart n dat she iz doin da right fing for Shall-e-mar…like she haz done fer me all dese yearz.
      Me can’t arguu wif dat, can me??

  • Hi Aunti Eevee: Me desided to gib diz Shall-e-mar a second chance n we iz not fightin’ thru da window anymore. Me just sitz inside n watchez her eat n drink outside. Maybee she iz lonely. Me haz it so good here wif da Mum so me iz sharin az best as me can!!!!

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