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What in da world do we do wif Shall-e-mar?

Published September 24, 2012 by NylabluesMum

Hey dere Katz: Nylablue here! Bemember when I sayz me Mum shud do da cat rescue & leabe da birdz alone?? Well she listened to me……now we haz a patio cat named Shall-e-mar coming fer da food n milk ebery nite.

Me waz speekin’ in a mettaforecal sense dere Mum!! Me DUZ NOT like any ober feline near me Mum. Dey could make her fall in LUB or sumfing!! What den fer me??? Me haz tried to fight thru da window & hizz at diz cat; me haz tried to reesun wif her but she duz not listen to me!!! HHRRMMPPHH!!

It’z not like diz iz a Siamese or fancy cat like me; just a stripey n white cat… iz fed up n going back to bed!!!! Hu’manz neber do az dey are told!!!!! EEOWW!!!

Hi Everyone: This is the ‘Hu’man’, lol!!!! Poor Nylablue; she thinks I will stop loving her but that will never happen. Poor ‘Sweet Feet’…I try to reassure her I am only helping Shalimar as her ‘humans’ have put her out for no reason & I know she is hungry & lonely. Plus the food Nylablue doesn’t eat is appreciated by the ‘not so finicky’ Shalimar…less flushing uneaten food down the toilet. Try explaining THAT to a cat!!! Nylablue has stomped off to her bed thoroughly disgusted & it is really very very funny!! However one cannot laugh at ‘the Queen’ unless one wants to clean litter off the floor for the next month……Nylablue has a VERY long memory!!!!

I am hoping the owners take Shalimar back in before the Winter sets in or else I am going to have to trap her & take her to Shelter….I am hoping to find out which house is Shalimar’s & have a word with the people….when I gather the courage, lol!!!

I wonder what Nylablue will suggest I rescue next??? HAHAHA!! She better watch what she comes mentions next time around….we could end up with one of these:or one of these:or a bunch of these:See things could be much much worse Nylablue!!!!!