What do we do wif TUMBLY bird?

Published August 25, 2012 by NylabluesMum


Hey dere Katz: Nylablue here…..guess what da Hu’Mum went n did?? She rescued an injured chipping sparrow diz morning again….Diz iz NOT da first time da ‘Mum caught diz birdie az he iz bery injured….’Mum haz a big heart altho’ she don’t no nuffing ’bout birdiez.

She bin calling him Tumbly becaz when he triez to land he tumblez ober n ober….she got him a few weekz ago when he crashed into da maple tree n waz on hiz back. She had him fer half an hour n when she opened da carrier door he tumbled out n flew away…diz Tumbly iz still eatin n drinkin but he is a mess!! ‘Mum findz him under da carz n in da bushez unable to get up…today  waz the worst: Tumbly crashed landed on the lawn n waz on his back n he could not git up!!!! So ob coarse da ‘Mum scooped him up n put him in MY carrier wif a towel on da bottom n seed  n water…..

So now what do we do wif diz birdie??? Me haz an idea but da Hu’Mum sayz me iz NOT to eat me fethered fur-end….sowwy…it waz just an ideah!!!

“Mum sayz when she opened da door Tumbly got out in tried to fly around da bedroom but he kept smashin into fingz…..turnz out he is blind in right eye & da left wing is injured….so we haz a house guest…..what iz we supposed to do wif a sparrow??? Diz Hu’Mum needz to go rescue a CAT!!!!! 


6 comments on “What do we do wif TUMBLY bird?

  • Update from the Purrfect Pad: Tumbly has disappeared so I believe he is in the Spirit World now…..I took NYLABLUE’S advice & I am feeding a stray cat now…boy is she miffed!!!!!! Poor “Sweet Feet”!!!! I got her good!!!

    • Hi Eevee: Since I let Tumbly go & he flew to the Maple tree I have not seen him again. If that was his last flight I accept that. We do what we can for the critters & then turn them over to Creator’s care!!!!!! You did well keeping your sparrow alive 9 days!! A girl after my own heart ❤

  • I know you really would like to help the bird and see it get better and be okay but there is really not a lot can be done for it from the way it sounds. If it were me even though it would be sad to do it and hard I would take the bird to a safe place and leave it for nature to take its course. Hugs

    • Hello Aunti Maggie: Me told da Hu’Mum da same fing…..she den a-greed n she took da carrier out on da lawn n opened it….da Tumbly took his time n den he flew up to da maple tree…”Mum iz feelin gud about diz n me iz snugglin her….
      Den she putted da cat fud n milk out fer da stray kitty…diz Hu’Mum iz bery bery sweet n a bit conn-fuzed!!! YOW YOW!!!

      • We think your Mum did just what was needed and she is a sweet and thoughtful Mum. Thank you sweet Nylablue for giving her those much needed snuggles…you are such a sweet girl. Love, hugs and nose kisses for you both!!!

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