Where are we now MUM???

Published August 7, 2012 by NylabluesMum

Where is we Mum?? Me went nappin’ & when me wake up we iz not where we waz!!!! Diz iz bery confusin’!!!! Will our furendz be here?? All me Auntiez…oh Mum where iz diz place???Nylab-002

We iz here on Werdpress you sayz Mum! Oh we DID move our bloggie. OK let me wellcome evurryone to Thee Purrfect Pad! We hopez to makez lotz of new furendz an find our purreveuus furendz! Nylablue out…


8 comments on “Where are we now MUM???

  • Your site looks great!! I love your header picture and your pictures show up so nice and big in here. You are gonna have lots of followers very soon sweet Nylablue. Hugs and nose kisses.

    • Hi Maggie: I just kept playing around until I got this sorted out!! I wanted to keep it similar to the other site so people could find us. I reaaranged the name of the blog putting NB first. I didn;t want to start with a new name & confuse people further!!!! I was looking at the blog types..there is family; sports; photography…..no pets? I will go with family or something like that to make friends…..The only thing here is I have trouble finding others blogs….I have to go into my email & click on there. Is that normal??? I am a newbie so need some guidance 🙂

      • That is the way I do it. You can go to them via email or use your dashboard. There you can click on “Blogs I follow” and go to the blogs that way. I like going to them via email it is faster and easier that way.

  • Hiii my friend you moved to thiz house , my mum mowing to Blogger cos her friends are there , you also come there pliz , I dont want to be alone.
    Paw hugs

    • Eeoww Blackberry: Me Mum got diz blog set up here n it seems pretty good!!! Just shook me up tho’…we waz one place & now we had to move…me Mum can’t get accepted onto Blogger fer some reason 😦 So we iz here fer the time bee-in!!! Sowwy!

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