Reememburrin sweet JADE Doggie

Published October 22, 2016 by Nylabluesmum

Namaste handsNamaste deer furendss an followerss of Thee Purrfect Pad! How has yur week been goin?? Ourss was sue-purr busy: a lot of Condo time an walkss (even inn thee rain); toyss to play with an snuggull time with LadyMum (when shee was home!) Shee has been out all most efurry day an her Viral Sinusitis iss slowin her down furinallee!!! So pawss crossed, weee spend thee hole weekend together. So Life was goin along an then sumfing BERRY sad happened at thee Farm….

An mee apawlogizess that it seemss mee all wayss givin bad/sad newss!!! It iss with deep reegret mee announcess that mee Doggie Sisfur JADE has gone on to Pure Land.  This happened Tuesday, Oct. 18th when JADE had gone to visit the nayburr an on her way home gotted hit bye a car.  Mumma Mary-Ellen an her hubby tooked JADE to their Vet an thee Vet made her comfy. Hee was hopin shee wood pull thru’ after sum sleep an rest butt shee had a heart attack an Mumma an Pappaw could not bear to see JADE suffer. So they said their ‘Goodbyess’ an off mee Sisfur went….. Let us reememburr the happy timess like Fanksgivin 2015 when Mumma Mary-Ellen an JADE came to visit us here:Lady Mary-Ellen an Jade visitShee meened thee werld to all of us an mee will miss mee Doggie Sisfur a lot!! Shee lived with Mumma Mary-Ellen an her hubby fur onlee 4 yearss as shee was a rescue doggie…. Mee was so-o uppyset that when mee saw Molly doggie frum our buildin that nite, mee kissed her 3 timess!!! She iss a petite Maltese an shee not know what to make of mee kissin her…..mee just wanted to say ‘Goodbye’ inn mee own way!!!! Wee will nevurr furget you JADE an wee will all ways LUV you with all our heartss…… thee Eye of Buddha Kat bee upon all of youss’….may Jade doggie bee with Buudha Kat an at peece……Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


Published October 15, 2016 by Nylabluesmum

Namaste handsNamaste friends & followers of The Purrfect Pad. Sherri-Ellen here! I think this is the most I have been on our blog! A few nights ago, a poem started to form in my mind….so I started scribbling & this is the result:

…………………..MY LITTLE MYSTERY…………………..

I Share my Life

with this funny furry fellow

whose silly & hyper;

anything but mellow!

He is with me each & every day,

yet what he thinks or feels,

sometimes I can’t really say!

He’s really quite a mystery to me,

yet his being here

makes me most happy.

If only I could ‘unlock’ his mind,

then I’d figure out about his kind!

Siddhartha Henry you’re a puzzling mystery to me,

I hope with me you will always “BE’!!!

c 2016  Black Iris Creations

Love your LadyMum Sherri-Ellen T-D.

Then:Siddhartha sunny selfieNow:Siddhartha Henry's Jungull Selfie


I HOPE ALL YOU VETS’ are Happy now!!!

Published October 12, 2016 by Nylabluesmum

Namaste handsNamaste Efurryone…… Mee iss happy yur all here. LadyMum wantss to mee-yow to all of youss’ so take it away LadyMum! 

Hello Everyone & to all the Vet people who took it upon themselves to read our blog & report back to Dr. Michael & show him the blog! Are you proud of yourselves? Now my special needs cat has NO Vet care & will be out of Vet food & probiotic by the end of the month! Thanks for that! This is now the 3rd Vet we have gone thru in almost 2 years of having Siddhartha Henry. Why am I having all this trouble with him when I was with the same Vet for 20 years with Nylablue & Mingflower???? Dr. Dave took care of my girls & he was my Hero. Remember a month after I had brought Siddhartha Henry to him the proverbial ‘sh* t hit the fan’ & I was told to leave. And you all KNOW how much that broke my heart. To this day he will not reply to emails or speak to me. Then I went to the LadyVet who confirmed the Panleukopenia & then gave him FRV-CP injection that exacerbated the Bowel Syndrome I suspected Siddhartha Henry had & made him sick as if he had the Panleuk again. This then led to his Aggressive behavior!! When I took him back for assessment remember she did not even touch him & refused to assist me. Threw me out & threw Mumma Mary-Ellen out  of the practice. So on to the next Vet I went. Dr. Ian helped a lot but would not discuss medicating Siddhartha Henry for his Hyperactivity/Aggression. Fair enough. So I went to his partner in the practice Dr. Michael only to be told the ‘littul Purrince’ is a threat to me & will not get better. No meds given; just told to euathanize him! And I blogged about it>>>THIS IS MY BLOG! So if you do not like what I posted;  walk away. And do not use my words against me. I now have no Vet & what will happen if no one else accepts us? No Rx foods & meds & that will make Siddhartha Henry very sick. What the HELL do you Vets’ think you are doing? Picking & choosing who you treat. I am furious that all you see is a ‘barn’ cat when you look at my cat!  Purrince Siddhartha Henry was BORN in a barn & he has NOT been there since he was 6 weeks old! He IS NOT feral!! So my cat is not  a ‘FERAL BARN’ cat!!! He is a Burmese cat with special needs. PERIOD!!! So to all our faithful friends & followers I apologize for this diatribe! I thank you all for the love,  support & suggestions you’ve given & already I understand Siddhartha Henry better. To all the ‘trolls’ & others who feel it is THEIR right to snoop may I suggest you go away??? From now on I will not approve any comment from a stranger. In fact, I doubt I will be blogging for a while now. And for your information I did NOT Slander anyone nor can I be sued for Libel. I have checked into that!!! Small comfort to me tho’. I now have to find YET ANOTHER Vet who will take Siddhartha Henry into their practice. I am now VERY close to the breaking point; hope all of you thru’ out Grey County are happy!!!! I won’t recommend any of you except Dr. Dave again.  And I pray maybe he will see this blog & take pity on us. Nothing has been right since I had to leave his practice…… I remain Sherri-Ellen aka LadyMum.

Mee-you now mee knowss why LadyMum iss a bit uppyset. Mee will bee a good kittyboy fur her mee furendss. Shee has dun so-o much fur mee (as has Mumma an Aunty). Pleeze can you say sum purrayerss that wee get into thee last Clinick inn town…….May thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon all of youss’. An to thee Hu’manss who have sent mee away an do not like mee, mee will say an xtra purrayer fur youss’…. Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=Siddhartha's Sideways Sunday SelfiePee S: Fur thee people who have abandoned mee durin thee past 22 monthss; look deeplee inn to mee eyess. Do you see a feral barn kat there???? Mee thott not!!


Circular Siddhartha Henry Sunday Selfie

Published October 9, 2016 by Nylabluesmum

Namaste handsNamaste deer furends of Thee Purrfect Pad: Wee are so-o humbulled by yur support an Luv an wee not know what to say! Wee DO know to say FANK YOU frum thee top an bottom of our hearts to all of youss’!! What furabuluss furendss youss’ TRULEE are. LadyMum has all ready figured out 2 of my signalss mee givess what shee did not ‘see’ befur! Fank you fur ‘dee-codin’ mee, mew mew mew….

Today mee iss goin to join Kittiess Blue fur thee Sunday Selfie bloggie hop:Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeThis iss mee last Selfie on thee PeeCee. (LadyMum will take Tessa PeeCee inn this week an hopefullee shee will bee back home by next Sunday werkin propurrlee!) So without further A-Dew here iss mee Circular Selfie inn mee circular bed:circular-siddhartha-sunday-selfieReememburr when LadyMum ‘dopted mee an bott mee this bed an mee nevurr used it??? Mew mew mew……well mee LUVSS it now an spendss a lot of time katnappin inn it! An mee fitss it purrfectlee now….Once again fank you kind peeple an 4 leggedss fur stickin bye us thru thee Good, thee Bad an thee Uglee an nevurr judgin or abandonin us. Wee are humbulled bye our ‘circull of furendss an furamillee’ an mee deddycatess thiss bloggie post to all of youss’!!! May the Eye of Buudha Kat be upon all of youss’ this day an fur efurr….. Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Say it issn’t so………

Published October 7, 2016 by Nylabluesmum

Namaste handsNamaste deerest furendss of Thee Purrfect Pad. Mee hopess this bloggie post findss efurryone doin well…… Fingss here are berry uppysettin. LadyMum tooked thee cammyra an cord to thee nice cammyra man an hee sayss thee USB cord werkss fine an cammyra iss fine an hee putted thee fotoss frum cammyra on a CeeDee!! Mee was “Woo Hoo!” an when LadyMum put thee disc into thee Pee Cee there was whirrin an nuffin happened. So now wee finkss sumfing  iss wrong with thee Hard Drive of PeeCee…way to go LadyMum!!!! So wee still not have new fotoss’…. *shakess furry head*. So LadyMum will have to take Pee Cee inn sumtime next week fur Misturss Ron an  Bruce to look at an fix…..

As fur mee, mee thott fingss were goin well since thee ‘TeeVee’ eppysode……mee has been a furry good boy; honest!!  Yesturday (Wednesday) LadyMum put mee innto thee carrier an Aunty Sheila tooked us to thee Vet practice to meet a new Vet. Mee was xcited to meet a new Vet. His name iss Docktur Michael an mee liked him. Hee reminded mee of Docktur Dave…..gentull an quiet an thor-oh when hee xamined mee. Good newss iss mee weighss 10.8 lbss an mee has purrfect teeth an gumss!! Woo Hoo!!! No Ginnygivitis! An hee compleeminted LadyMum sayin shee has tooked furabuluss care of mee an mee iss fizzically healthy. An then; then hee said bad newss…. An mee cannot even begin to mee-yow about this so mee will let LadyMum tell you what happened ok???meditatin-on-mee-future

Hi Everyone! LadyMum here. I have no idea how to tell you what happened. I myself, am still in shock!! Before we went to the new Vet I wrote out a 1 1/2 page history of Siddhartha Henry’s behaviours since I adopted him also noting the treatments he has received during the past 22 months. Dr. Michael says my report was very concise & factual. Guess 2 years of learning how to do Medical Research is paying off. He answered my questions; well the ones I remembered to write down. The Panleukopenia DIDN’T alter Siddhartha Henry’s behavior; however him being removed so young from his Birth Mum & being so sick DID alter him. This is no one’s fault. Unfortunately he was not socialized properly & by the time I adopted him a lot of his behaviors (or lack thereof) where already ‘set’. The FRV-CP injection DID stir things up not only physically but mentally.  After a detailed discussion, Dr. Michael said Siddhartha Henry has Petting Aggression, Play Aggression & Idiopathic Aggression. His recommendation was to put Siddhartha Henry to sleep as he is a ‘threat’ to my safety!  I was like ‘say it isn’t so’!!! He did not recommend him being rehomed because Siddhartha Henry is ‘too unstable’  (like I would even think of doing THAT), nor to return to the farm as he would be a threat to Mary-Ellen & her family & 4 leggeds. Dr. Michael said he would look for a medication that ‘might’ calm Siddhartha Henry down but he really did not have any ideas other than Bach’s & Feliway which I am already using……… I have not heard back from him. I came home with the ‘Littul Purrince’ & am still in shock!! I was also told that Siddhartha Henry could ‘go off’ at any time & attack me because of what happened during the TV incident.  We are taking things a day at a time. I just do not know what to do…I feel like Siddhartha Henry is on ‘Death Row’ & I feel like the Executioner….I ADORE him so much & can’t bear the thought that I would have to put him to sleep. I can deal with a physically sick cat or dog…I can be rational & logic; this scenario makes no sense to me……any suggestions are gratefully received with my deepest thanks.

Mee-you can you believe this deer furendss?? Mee iss still reelin frum what Docktur Michael suggested. All mee can say iss mee iss scared an worried an sad fur LadyMum. This iss such a mess!!! An all mee can say iss:say-it-issnt-soSay it issn’t so LadyMum!!!! What do wee do deer furendss??? **sighss deeplee**….. May thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon all of youss’  Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Katss CAN Fly (an mee not meen thee Band!)

Published September 30, 2016 by Nylabluesmum

Namaste handsNamaste an humbull greetinss frum Thee Purrfect Pad. Mee has ALOT to share with all of youss’ an it could bee uppysettin…..

Ferst mee must tell you thee cammyra iss NOT uppyloadin new fotoss’. Wee DO have sum fotoss’ frum a few weekss ago an they will fit inn with today’s bloggie. 

Ferst mee discovered a Seecret Rose of Autumm inn thee garden:seecret-roseIssn’t it a purrty littul flower??? Mee was lookin fur Cheekss Chipmunk an mee found thee flower…..mew mew mew….

As most of youss’ know, thee 13 year old Toshiba TeeVee blew itss’ pickture tube Katurday nite!! Mumma Mary-Ellen an LadyMum were watchin thee Bollywood movie inn thee afternoon an then went out. Who new it wood bee thee last time Toshiba werked?? **sighsss** An just fink Furiday nite was thee last nite fur Fish Channelle on Toshiba.

Bye Bye Toshiba you served mee us well… Sheila tooked LadyMum Sunday to buy a new Tee Vee an Aunty Ruth hooked us uppy once shee realized a sirtain LadyMum had NOT plugged thee Tee Vee cable INN TO thee new Tee Vee…. *ahem*….Nevurr let LadyMum do anyfing ‘reemotely’ electronick!!!

Mee checked out new Sanyo 24 inchie screen an it seemed OK:sanyo-tvXcept it iss FLAT!! Where Thee kat iss thee kat supposed to sit???? Well mee puzzled about this all Sunday nite an Monday! An when mee saw there was NOWHERE fur mee to sit on it, mee sorta got angree lost mee furry littul mind. Mee keeped chargin at thee Sanyo an on thee 4th try, mee KNOCKED it backwerdss!! Had Aunty Ruth NOT taped thee wiress onto thee TeeVee stand,  mee wood have broked Sanyo!!! Poor TeeVee was dangullin like a kitty paw dangull mee can tell you!!!  An then LadyMum erupted got furry angree an mee got inn HUGE trubbull. As inn a spankin an then shee tossed mee on to thee bed an went to close door. There were Trailer Park Boyss werdss an mee heart sunk. “Goin back to the farm…” was herd threw thee building mee iss sure! An the other bad fing was mee did not land on thee bed butt flew across it an hit thee wall. Mee went UTB an waited fur LadyMum to calm down. Shee cried an cried an mee just waited inn thee dark; feelin scared as you can emagin. Mee was NOT hert fizzically butt mee was so worried mee wood not last another day with LadyMum. It sure was a pawfull nite fur BOTH of us an Sanyo did sirvive mee “assault”!!!  Mee doess NOT know why mee did that to Sanyo. Do any of youss’ have any ideass??

Monday Mumma Mary-Ellen came to us an was goin to buy LadyMum a NEW new TeeVee till shee was told Sanyo survived! LadyMum spent all mornin phonin efurrywhere lookin fur a Tee Vee Lock Bar an could not find one so shee decided on Velcro Padss an Strapss frum Home Depot. So Mumma Mary-Ellen gave LadyMum sum $money$ fur these fingss an Aunty Ruth was kind enuff to take LadyMum to thee store that day. An Mumma Mary-Ellen an LadyMum had a mee-yow about mee an mee saw leeky eyss frum both of them. Mee just waited fur what wood happen…..mee iss still here with LadyMum!!!! An mee iss goin to werk harder at beein a propurr Buudhist kittyboy an not a ‘ruffey-ann’  an trubbull maker!! (wish mee luck with that ok?)

So that was how THIS kat leerned to fly!! LadyMum an mee have ‘made up’ an fingss are getting back to normal now!! Fank you Buudha Kat fur thiss meerackle! If mee wood have gone away, mee heart wood have broked fur good mee finkss!!!

So mee leevess you with a foto of mee an Toshiba:fully-engrossed-inn-fish-tee-veeMay thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon efurryone who reedss mee bloggie an upon mee LadyMum an Mumma Mary-Ellen an mee….(mee needss ALL thee help mee can get….) Siddhartha Henry =^,.^= 


Beef, Bach’ss an Kissess an so-o much more…..

Published September 24, 2016 by Nylabluesmum

Namaste handsNamaste an greetinss frum Thee Purrfect Pad. Mee assuress you much iss not purrfect here once again….Have you efurr noticed how yur Life iss goin along calm an fingss are nice an the all of a sudden! WHAM!!! Sumfing bad happenss an then sumfing else an then it a cass-cade outta control??? Well that has happened here fur mee & then LadyMum yet again……

Mee started ternin mee nose uppy at thee Performatrim Beef that iss mixed inn with mee G-I wet food. So LadyMum an Mumma Mary-Ellen went huntin fur sumfin new butt not high inn protein an fat. An LadyMum came thru fur me!!! Mee iss now eatin Ultra Beef Stew:ultra-beef-stewIss made bye same company butt iss way tastey-er (iss that even a werd?) Mew mew mew…. So that problem solved. Then there was mee Hypurractivity that reeterned (fur no reason). So LadyMum bott mee sum more Bach’ss an gave it to mee efurry day; sumtimess twice a day:Bach's Rescue RemedySoon as mee seess thee bottull mee calmss down!!  So with 2 or 3 walkss purr day an LOTSS of Condo time an Bach’ss mee iss back on track beehavour-wise.  It was during thee Hypurr timess that LadyMum started pickin mee uppy an cuddlin mee an givin mee so-o many *kissesss*; seereusslee smothered inn *kissesss* an mee likess,  no LUVSS this berry much. So much that mee now snugullss on couch with LadyMum efurry nite an it iss LUVLEY!!! (Wee have fotoss’ but cammyra not uppyloadin, sorry…)

So fingss fur mee are purrfect….an then it was LadyMum’ss tern fur sumfin bad to happen to her. Shee sent an email to many of youss’ about thee Speshellist an what hee did (or did not do) to her. Fur those of youss who not know what happened mee will let LadyMum tell thee story. Go ahead LadyMum:

Hi Everyone: As most of you know, I receive  Lidocaine injections 4 times a year. I have between 8-11 injections per visit. This is only 1% Xylocaine/Lidocaine so it is a VERY small dosage. I had a lot of ‘flare-ups’ after the March injections & the June injections. Sine last December  Dr. M.  has been  saying I could not have them for much longer due to side effects such as, no proven long term efficacy with Lidocaine. And of course, there I was having so much trouble walking (using walker) & in so much pain. So when I went to see Dr. M. this past Thursday I was in dire straits wondering what was going on. Long story short; Dr. M. LIED to me & gave me Saline Solution instead of Lidocaine WITHOUT  my Knowledge or Permission!!!! And guess what? He can legally do that because of a Medical loophole I knew NOTHING about. Let me say, I suspect I was given Saline in March also because I have been in such pain since then….he admitted to June only. He says he has read ‘articles’ revoking the use of Lidocaine as a pain deterrent but had nothing to show me. He knows I was in Medical profession so there was NO reason to pull a fast one on me. He then said there ‘could be’ scar tissue at injection sites & I really let into him. I was reduced to tears realizing he had lied right to my face after 11+ years of being my Specialist. I almost stormed out….thankfully REASON prevailed & I stood my ground. After 15-20 minutes of heated discussion & tears (on both sides); Dr. M. agreed to give me 8 Lidocaine injections. I asked him for proof so that he did not pull a ‘fast one’ again. Once I was changed into a gown, he returned with the needle & this:lidocaine-hydrochloride-injection-uspSo at least I had some visible proof he was using the correct medication. And I had an epiphany once the 8 injections were completed. When I get Lidocaine there is far LESS pain. D’UH, of course because it is a numbing agent so once it starts going into my body it numbs the injection site; whereas the Saline Solution burns & stings & hurts even after the needle is withdrawn!!! How this escaped me I do not know. I had become complacent; believing what Dr. M. was saying about the lack of efficacy. I spoke with my ‘Bestie’ yesterday who is a Medical person & she told me there is a Medical-Legal loophole that Doctors can use to cover up what they are doing. And then I had the 2nd epiphany!!! Until this year Dr. M. always asked me if I wanted ‘more Lidocaine injections’. He said he has to ask because of medical-legal reasons. I always agreed. Thinking back, I realized that in March & June he asked me “Do you want more injections?” See the difference?? He did not say “Lidocaine injections” & of course I  assumed he was going to give me Lidocaine so when I said “Yes” he then could legally substitute Saline Solution for Lidocaine & get away with it! I am utterly & totally devastated & dejected. There is no one else locally who can do the injections. I am too unwell to travel 3 1/2 hours each way for treatment in London. I came home Thursday in quite a state complete with high BP & raging headache. I spent most of after noon crying. I had a complete emotional meltdown in public that night. Except for walking the ‘Littul Purrince’; I am staying inside my place. I just can not deal with anymore deception from anyone. I have an appointment in December & I am going back with an Ultimatum> I will agree to only having Lidocaine injections 3 times a year (every 4 months) with the agreement that Dr. M. gives me ONLY Lidocaine those 3 times PLUS that day he MUST give me Lidocaine to make up for the June Saline Solution. I think this is a fair compromise. Why do I feel I am playing “Blackjack” with my life??  And there is nothing I can do about it. If he says he would only do Lidocaine twice a year I will have to take that….but I know it will not be enough. And I explained that w/out Lidocaine I end up taking Codeine Phosphate 30 mgs.  like they are TicTacs….you think he would have understood the importance & necessity of the Lidocaine. So that my friends is what happened. If it were not for Siddhartha Henry I would have done something drastic & negative to myself. He kept me from anything bad. It is always my cats that save me from Life’s worst betrayals….OK back to Siddhartha Henry… “Duders”:

Fankss LadyMum!! Mee iss gonna take good care of you an wee get thru this mess together!!! Thee POTP iss upon you LadyMum all wayss….

Mee leevess you with mee new Collage with mee new furend, Chunkey Monkey that mee Hu’man Neece Shawna gave mee!! Hee an mee wrestle a lot an snuggull a lot all so:chunky-monkey-collageIssn’t hee kewl??? Fankss fur stoppin bye efurryone. Wee will do our best to get to all yur bloggiess butt if wee not there do not takess it purrsonallee. LadyMum has ALOT to deel with an mee just tryin to help her as best mee can!!! May thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon efurryone….Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=