Minnie Mouse has joined Nylablue

Wass time fur me to go Mum to bee wif Nylablue

Wass time fur me to go Mum to bee wif Nylablue

Hello Everyone: It is with GREAT sadness I have to tell you that one of Nylablue’s bestie’s has joined her in Summerland on Monday. I am not sure how many of you follow Hot Rod Cowgirl so I will put her blog link up here. Please stop over & leave a condolence on her last blog entry.


This is Hot Rod Cowgirl for those of you who don’t know her:Hot Rod CowgirlShe is a an amazing woman who I admire so much & a faithful reader of The Purrfect Pad. We have kept each other going thru the darkness of the last 2 months.  I know she would love to hear from all of you….losing a heart kitty is very difficult as many of you here KNOW! We gotta stick together, right? So let us celebrate Minnie & her very long & happy life with her Mom:

Yer da best Mom!

Yer da best Mom!

Goodbye sweet Minnie Mouse girl…you will be missed deeply by your Mom & Dad & the dogs & the horses…we will always remember you little one with so much love….run free Minnie; Nylablue is waiting for you…..

See ya again Mom..someday...Luv yer Minnie girl...

See ya again Mom..someday…Luv yer Minnie girl…

Bye bye sweet girl….until we meet again….cats-into-our-lives

Iffin yer reedin diz post……

Yow Krazy Katz: Iffin yer reedin diz post den me haz made da final journey to Da Rainbow Bridge n will be goin on to Summerland fer eternitee. Me passin went well n me iz no longer a sick kittehgurl…me iz me floofy beeutefull pluxureeuss self,  restored to me original form befur me got so sick:A study in BeautyBememburr me like diz me deer deer furendz. Me wantz to say da outpourin of LUB n sympiffy n guud werdz overwhelmed Mum n me. She read me ALL yer commintz n emailz n we hope we got back to each n ebery one of ya! Diz Blogosphere iz da bestest place on diz slice Earth (phankz fer dat term Easy!)

Me can now tell ya da other side of da storey ya not nose. When me n Mum found out me had da IBD (Bowel Disease) n how much treetmint wuud cost,  me waz gonna bee put to sleep 18 1/2 monthz ago. Mum cuud not afford da meddycashunz or transport to n frum Dr. Dave’z. Dere just was no green papurrz fer me treetmint! Mum called me Hu’Man Dad butt he cuud not help us n Mum waz beeside herself n me waz beeside her beeside meself!!  Den a mirackle happened:  Savannah’z Paw Trackz  contacted us n offerd to help us. Den Terry, Brian’z Dad frum Brian’z Home also contacted Mum…den Aunti Janet frum Da Kat On Me Head bloggie contacted us n furinallee  Pete frum TimmyTomkat Commentary bloggie signed up to help n **sniffz** dey haz bin payin me Vet billz eber since!!! Ifdin  it were not fer me ‘GUARDIAN ANGELZ” me wuud not have lived diz xtra time. How can me n Mum eber PHANK ya all fer such unselfish kindness n deevoshun to me care?? **wipez teerz frum eyez**…

Me wantz ya 4 to nose ya gave me n Mum da MOST precious gift: Da gift of Life together. Me will neber ferget me “Guardian Angelz”. Also dere were 2 impawtent Show-furrz what stepped forwerd to take us to da Vet’z for NO green papurrz: Miss CathyJean, Mum’z furend n Miss Sheila of da Feral Kat Rescue group here in town! Ya both are pawsum ladiez n we iz so greatfull to both of ya fer takin ternz n beein our show-furrz. Miss CathyJean beeleeve in yerself allwayz! You are a guud Hu’man n ya can do what ya want to do to make yer life beeuteefull like ya are! Miss Sheila me finkz yer DA BOMM doin all da werk ya doez fer da Limbo kittehz n me wishez ya ebery sucksess fer da future. Mum will continue to give ya food fer da feralz n help as much as she can!! She purromised me!

Now me wantz to say a few werdz ’bout me boyfurendz. Dere iz Bacon me piggieboyfurend. Phank ya Bacon fer all da play datez n snugglin in yer toddler bed in dat cozy Ejipshun cotton sheet n da trip to Cambodia to da Temple n neber leevin me in me hourz of need. N Kuruk da Haiku Poochie ya iz me treasure  n dere waz no other poochie lub fer me. Easy da Weimerainer me Champeeon of me heart what saved me frum da fire at da campout a few yeerz ago n allwayz held me honor fer me yer,  allwayz gonna bee me Champeeon n me lubz ya fer dat! Den dere iz sweet Speedy da Cheeky House Bunneh…da deerest bunneh in da werld who stuck by me thru thick n thin eben when he waz so sick n we not think HE wuud make it! Phank ya fer beein me speshell furend n Miss Rachel fer phonin Mum n encouragin her thru da dark timez too. Savannah n Penelope kittehz yer me BFF’z fureber. We shure shared alot over da yeerz, didn’t we?? Sammy, One Spoiled Kitteh who waz me soul mate n furend; me will keep a spot warm fer ya up here. Butt do not come here yet…..ya haz more werk to do n tripz to organize. Bailey Boatkat n Kittiez Blue me adopted fursibz phankz fer takin me into yer heartz n sharin yer life wif me n givin me all da lub ya did! Me n Mum furinallee had furamillee n we beelonged sumwhere! N now to me kitteh boyfurendz…me leevez beehind McDuff (frum Colder Weather bloggie) n  Marty of Marty’z Musingz n Austin Towerz of Catcheresis bloggie n me seecret *crush* Sir Thomas of Da Cult Of Otis bloggie….yer da kittehboyz of me heart allwayz!!!!!! Neber eber ferget dat! Now me cuud waffle on n on ’bout all of ya, butt ya all nose who ya are so me just say “Phank ya fer all da Fish” (tuna-tuna)  n fer yer furendship.

Me haz sumfin fer EBERYONE made by Aunti Bev aka FozzieMum fer ya to take n display on yer bloggiez in memoree of me. Ta-Da:

Nylablue Badge 2014

Nylablue Badge 2014

Mousiez diz badge rockz  Aunti Bev!! Phankz so much fer takin da time to makez it! Now eberyone haz sumfing to beememburr me by. Me nose dere will bee alot of teerz n sadness n me hopez dat it not last too long…think of all da guud timez we had here n da tripz we went on n Sam-O-Ween n other eventz n all da lafftur. We laffed so much didn’t we?? Leernin to take selfiez n reelayin funny fingz our Hu’Manz did, MOL>>>beememburr da lafftur n it will help ya heel sooner. Okaz let’z try to laff together like diz:



Dere just like dat!!! Now me nose it will bee hard fer a little while butt time will heel yer sadz n one day ya will fink of me n laff!  ;)

Da Pidjunz came fer a patio pawty a few dayz ago n we counted 30 Pidjunz n 1 lone Starling called Sterling…do ya beememburr he waz wif da flock last winter?? Well he still iz…..dat iz 1 little bird wif a big cattitude finkin he iz PIDJUN!! Anywho da birdz had a seedfest n we meowed thru da glass n said our Guud Byez n me heart waz lighter havin seen dem all…3 gennyrashunz …pawsum!

Pidjunz gone wild!!!

Pidjunz gone wild!!!

All me pidjun furendz n dere furamilleez...

All me pidjun furendz n dere furamilleez…

Me can seez ya!!

Me can seez ya!!

Pidjun lub 001

Furinallee, me wantz to say a speshell Guudbye to me Aunti Judith n Unckle Leon n me Cuss-inz Danie, Shawna n Michael n fur Cuzz-inz Allura n Jetsia!! Yer all so furabuluss!! 

N me must say a BIG Phankz to Aunti Anne fer comin to da apartmint n givin me my dailee Innsulin injeckshuns fer da past 3 dayz!! Yer pawsum Aunti!!

Phankz fer da chickin n lub Aunti Anne!

Phankz fer da chickin n lub Aunti Anne!

Last butt not leest iz Dr Dave what tooked care of me fer 8 1/2 yeerz n did so much fer me n Mum! Yer a Saint n Mistur Jamez Herriot da werldwide known Vet iz lookin down on ya wif admirashun n total reespect!

Dr Dave n hiz 'Drama Queen' me Nylablue

Dr Dave n hiz ‘Drama Queen’ me Nylablue

Eben tho me gave ya such a hard time Dr Dave,  me adored ya n waz so grrreatfull fer yer lubbin care of me! Aunti Mingflower told me ya were a Gentle-Man n she waz so rite!! Take guud care of yerself  ’cause Mum may need ya sumtime in da future.  ;)

To me Dad, Jon phankz fer da phone call diz mornin n meowin wif me. Me will lub ya allwayz. Ya meenz da werld to me. N to me Mum,  what haz lubbed me no mattur how bad fingz got,  me will watch over ya til da end of yer time n den me n Mingflower will come fer ya! Ya showed me uncondishunall LUB n gave me such a furabuluss life what me did not fink me wuud eber have n da bloggie n so many n furendz. Me lubz ya Mum wif all me kitteh heart n allwayz will. Phankz ya fer sittin wif me ebery nite diz week n meowin wif me n cryin n helpin me n ya to accept me  haz to go. Phank ya fer da pawsum tuna-tuna n SEAL CD pawty we had Furiday n Caturday mornin…it waz DA BOMM MUM;  just like ya!!!!! Me will allwayz bee yer “Chubby Chickin-Sweet Feet- Lil DiDi-Flompy Gurl  <3

So off me goez on me next adventure…me  LUBZ all of ya n me will look out fer all of ya frum Summerland….Look into me eyezUntil we meet again; Nylablue OUT!!!Nylablue beautiful 2014

Nylablue’z Sunday Selfiez

Yow Krazy Katz: So me iz gonna pawticipate in da Sunday Selfiez. Now me can not use da linky tool so me iz just gonna connect ya all to Da Kat On Me Head bloggie so ya can surf n see all of us doin our selfiez. Butt ferst here are me 2 pix:

Me wistfull look!

Me wistfull look!

N now me seckond piccie:

Me beein coquette-ish!

Me beein coquette-ish!

What do ya all fink of me pix?? Did me doez guud?? Here  iz da link to Aunti Janet n me Sisfurz n Brofur Mau’z bloggie:


Not onlee are deze me Sunday Selfiez dey iz me ‘gettin me easy on’ pix too…me iz SO-O clever!!! MOL….wishin eberyone a purrfect Easy Sunday frum us here at Da Purrfect Pad! **paw kissez** n lub, Nylablue xxxxx


Snowy Caturday Katchat wif Nylablue

Yow Krazy Katz iz Nylablue here wif me latest edishun of Caturday Katchat! So gather round fer snackz n ‘nip n me meow to ya ’bout sumfing impawtent okayz??Nylablue Nov 2014Haz me got yer attenshun?? Ok guudz. Me nose dat Mum sent out an email to most of ya in da bloggie werld butt fer dem what not nose me must share da newz. Brace yerselvez peepz n 4 leggedz! Me haz Die-a-beetez now frum da Depomedrol what iz me Steroid meddycashun. Mum waz suspishuss last month when me waz drinkin like a fish n peein like a race horse (her werdz!) Butt it stopped a week aftur da Depo injeckshun n Mum thott it waz an Anne-om-e-lee….well after Novemburr 4th’z Depomedrol injeckshun da same fing happened n it NOT stop so me bin drinkin alot n peein more den alot….Mum emailed Dr Dave Fursday nite n he said me shuud come in Furiday which me did n he did da test n me blood shugar was over dubble what it shuuda have bin!!! He got purrty uppyset n Mum bursted into teerz n it waz so sad n me felt like limpy dishrag. Dr Dave picked me up n checked me bladder n other organz n said me needed Convenia again too…so me waz furry brave n had B Vitamin complex injeckshun plus da Aunti-bye-otick n den da Innsulin. Me not struggle or eben try to *whap* him or Mum thru da carrier door. So we came home n Mum n me just snuggled all day n me sleeped alot beeside her. WE deecided to email as many of ya as we cuud so da shock not overtake ya today…

Dr Dave came today befur lunch n he gave me seckond Innsulin shot n me *whapped* him a guud one n he waz so happy! Rite back atcha “Unckle” Dave, MOL! Dere iz still sum ‘sass’ left in diz old gurl…. He will come back tomorrow to give me 3rd Innsulin n me will go Monday wif Miss Sheila n Mum fer 4th Innsulin. Tuesday iz me “Journey Day”. Me iz not scared butt Mum iz a wreck so me iz gonna ask dat when me goez pleeze take care of her. She mite not be bloggin alot but ya can email or call her on da phone. It iz sad she is so sad ’cause we haz had snow n she ushually getz so eggcited but not diz seeson. Butt me did get a few pix of da snow fer yer viewin pleashure:November 2014 1November 2014 2November 2014 3Pawsum yah??  Me eben got to go out in it fer a minutt to feel it on me toesiez  butt Mum brott me rite back in…so dat is off me Buckit List, MOL!!! Me iz feelin a bit perkier n me did sum posin fer Mum n diz me best piccie of da day:Flompy NylablueDiz iz me “Flompy Gurl” pose when me flompz over like a Bunneh!!! Now me nose me lookz all chubby n guud butt dat chubby iz ackshully me retainin water n iz not a guud fing!

Okayz me iz gonna goez now as me needz a nappie butt me want to leeve ya wif a song:


No mattur what happenz in da next few dayz me will ALLWAYZ bee here in spirit fer all of ya!!! “Me Will Bee Around…” like da song sayz….Resting Nylablue

All me lub to all of ya! ***paw kissez*** Nylablue out butt not totallee out yet ;)