Caturday Katchat: Cystitis oh Cwap!!

Yow Krazy Katz iz Nylablue here wif another eedishun of Caturday Katchat…not gonna bee a long one tho’ as me iz feelin a bit ruff ’round da edgez n need lotz of rest! As sum of ya nose me iz sick again…diz time wif da nastee Cystitis what me waz cured of over 4 yeerz ago! Yah it came back! How? We not nose! Me not bin rite since last Caturday n waz singin in da litturbox n Mum new what DAT meant. So when me saw Dr Dave on Tuesday he xamined me n shure enuff da  stoopid flounderin painfull Cystitis haz reeturned so we meowed ’bout opshunz. As ya all nose me NOT take pillz willlinlee so we settled on Convenia n yah we NOSE da riskz…butt we haz no other opshun…so it waz dat n Pepcid injeckshunz n oral Mirtazipine. Me managed a bit of a wrestle wif Dr Dave when he tried to pill me ;) Don’t count diz kittehgurl out yet!!! MOL….

Da weather waz grrrreat fer 4 dayz here so me DID get condo time:Condo time 1Condo time 3Condo time 4Dontcha lub how Mum deckerated me Condo fer Autumm?? She iz so silly butt it cheered her up n me waz glad of dat!!! She too haz bin unwell wif her Furibro (Fibromyalgia) n Skeletal Hyperostosis…in fact da chronick Fateegue (fatigue) haz set in like it doez EBERY Octoburr n she haz had sum dayz bedbound….So we haz bin able to reed Miss Pam’z book:Miss Pam's book 1What a kewl storey!!! Mum haz bin reedin it to me n we iz now diz far along in just a few dayz:Miss Pam's book 2It iz an easy n fun reed n getz ya finkin ’bout whose who…Mum haz it in her head dat Kyle iz da ‘bad guy’….butt me finkz it iz Mr. Ranier what we not hearz ’bout much n iz sorta invisibull… iffin ya want a guud read pleeze pop on over to Sammy n Miss Pam’z bloggie n get a hold of dem! Here iz da linky fing fer yer conveeneence:

Me recommendz diz book wif 444 pawz up n me not bribed wif tuna-tuna or any gree papurrz to say diz ;)  N speekin of tuna-tuna me had not had any fer a few weekz n den Mum let me haz sum n diz waz da reesult aftur me paw feedin:

HHMMMM smellz like....

HHMMMM smellz like….

MMMM it IZ tuna-tuna!

MMMM it IZ tuna-tuna!

MMMM tuna-tuna paw, MOL…Mum sayz me iz a tuna-tuna monstur. Who me Mum??? So dat’z bin our week here. Sowwy it bin sorta slow. Me n Mum found diz on Miss Belle’z FB Wall n we fink it sumz us up nicelee:Out of OrderHeelareuss dontcha fink?? Ya gotta have a sense of humour when deelin wif health issuez n stoopid weather… Until next week Katz diz iz me Nylablue out:Nylablue out in da pantreeOut in da Pantree…… x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

Kewl Caturday Katchat wif da Queen

EEowwwKrazy Katz: Guess what time it iz?? Yah, iz Caturday Katchat wif me Nylablue! Gather round wif yer snackz n treetz n let me meow to ya ’bout our week:

Gather round fer me Katchat!!!

Gather round fer me Katchat!!!

Eberyone comfy-cozy?? Guud! Me Vet bizit went well altho me looked scaredykat didn’t me in me WW pix??? MOL, me allwayz getz nervuss befur Dr Dave werkz on me…all iz well. Weight n vitalz stable n me had B12 n Pepcid injeckshunz n Mirtazipine. Da weather here haz bin FREEKIN PAWFULL n me haz onlee bin out in condo fer an hour here n dere cause it won’t stop rainin….tonite we mite get da “S” werd…Snow!!! FLOUNDER Not on me watch! So as ya can eemagin me n Mum bin down in da dumpie n sad :(

Den sumfing bery speshell arrived in da mail n we cheered rite up!

3 fer da purrice of 1

3 fer da purrice of 1

We reeceeved not 1 but ALL 3 of Miss Pam n Sammy’z bookz n we wantz to give a H-U-G-E ‘meow out’ n ‘phankz’ to both of our sweet furendz fer all 3 bookz! We started reedin “Da Misstery of St. David’z Bridge” allready n me can tell ya diz iz way nicer den scarey “Under Da Dome” what no kitteh  (or Hu’man) shuud reed befur bedtime me can tell ya!!!  We haz a 3 shelf bookcase fer our fave bookz n Miss Pam yerz are rite beeside our Sherlock Holmez!!! ;)

Den we got diz lubly award frum  Binky:Gold blog award frum Binky Oct 2014

Binky iz frum da bloggie AngelWhissper2011 n she iz a deer furend of ourz!!! Phankz Binky fer finkin of us! We wantz to give diz award to Speedy n Da REEL Maple Syrup Mob n Brian’z Home as dey had sum illness or surgery to deel wif in da past few weekz n we wantz dem to nose just how ‘golden’ n speshell dey are to us! Me n Mum also wanna give diz award to Dezi’z Werld cause dey went thru 2 floodz in 1 month n had a ruff time gettin fingz sorted out! Furinallee me wantz to give diz award to Miss Dallas frum Crazy Train To Tinky Town. She iz one bery kewl lady what sharez her adventurez of going to Turkey n fallin in lub…now we betz ya iz wunderin why we follow her??? Come on Peepz!! Diz bloggie iz all ’bout LUB n dat iz bery speshell! Plus Miss Dallas iz one of da funniest whimsicall riterz we haz met here n her bloggiez keep Mum n me in stitchez of lafftur!

Ok me dum wif ‘name droppin’ fer now, hehehe….Dere waz 1 more giftie fer me diz week! Mum went downtown yesturday n befur she left she asked, “Nylablue Sweet Feet wuud ya like me to buy ya sumfing?” Me reeplied, “Yah a new brush like yerz Mum butt smaller!” Me new Mum haz bin searchin hi-n-lo fer a new brush fer herself so findin 1 fer me wuud bee impawssible rite???? WRONG!! Da Mum came home in look what she had:

Mum n Dot-her brushez

Mum n Dot-her brushez

Not onlee did Mum find a big brush fer herself dere waz a baby brush JUST fer me!!!! As ya can seez we allready ‘test drove’ deze babiez n me can say me iz thrilled! Dat little brush not poke me in da head or bonk me on da nose (Mum iz a bit of a klutz…) Mum’z old brush waz losin teefiez like crazy so now we both iz happy n we haz MATCHIN brushez!! Way KEWL Mum, way kewl!!!! Me haz da bestest Mum dontcha fink??  So all in all a purrty purrfect week here at Da Purrfect Pad. Oh n guess whose bin comin fer suppa ebery nite: Yah Greyboy:

Do not disterb; nommin here!

Do not disterb; nommin here!

We nose Greyboy iz wifout a home as hiz fur iz matted n he iz scritchin n scratchin….plus he will not let Mum get any closer den diz. We wantz to help butt he iz bery bery feral now. We wurryin ’bout Winter butt we hopez it holdz off…Braveheart iz also comin nitely n he now letz Mum stroke hiz head butt we nose he haz a home sumwhere close by so he will bee safe when Winter settlez in!Me here firstIsn’t he cute?? He iz puttin on sum weight n we wunderz if hiz owner haz noticed, hehehe!!!

So dat’z our newz!! Say did ya reed ’bout CASH da Husky?? Nosez?? Well clicky on diz link n pop over to Savannah’z Paw Trackz n get an uppydate:

Aftur all,  poochiez are peeple too, MOL!! Siriuslee we haz to beememburr dere are lost n homeless poochiez as well as kittehz n we needz to support dem just as much!  Me Mum doez poochie resckue too. She eben doez Guinea Piggie n Budgie  resckue…….oh sowwy me die-gressed…me point waz pleeze pop over n reed me BFF’z bloggie ’bout CASH n let her n Aunti Linda nose how grrreat dey both iz okayz?? Until next week me furendz diz iz Nylablue out!  (Okay me iz STILL INside but in me head me IZ OUT!!!!NB meditatin

Kickin Caturday katchat wif Nylablue

EEowww Krazy Katz how waz yer week?? Ourz waz wild n kwazy purr ushuall, MOL!!! So gather ’round da Condo n me tell ya all ’bout it!Glad to bee aliveIzn’t da Sun lubly on yer furz?? Ferst me wanna meow ’bout da 2 firez in our buildin: da 1st one waz Fursday Oct 2nd at 1 A.M. n sumwhere on da 2nd floor. We had to bee outside in da chilli drizzle fer over 1/2 hour n not happy me can tell ya! Den da 2nd fire waz on Sunday Oct 5th at 4 P.M. at da other end of da buildin where we cuud see it!!! Mistur M had to bee taken to da Hospital fer smoke innhalashun n cause well it iz not guud to drink (too much) n cook!!! Siriuslee peepz DO NOT DRINK N DRIVE OR DRIVE N TEXT OR DRINK N WALK OR DRINK N COOK…dey do not mix well. We spent over 2 hourz wif Miss Sheila what came n got us n took us fer snackz n water n we sat at da riverbank lookin fer da feralz….weerd fing: Mum had just spoken wif Miss Sheila on da phone n hung up n alarm sounded…once Mum had me outside n her purse n stuff she called Miss Sheila back who came RITE OVER!! She iz a pawsum Hu’man  <3

 Now me tell ya ’bout me Vet bizit! When we left off DAT drama,  we nott shure who we wuud bee seein Tuesday…..Terned out it waz Dr Dave who waz happy n chippurr?? Mum asked him if he waz angree wif her n he had NOT a clue what she waz on ’bout!!! He had not read da email n he told Mum he getz scared givin me da Depomedrol ’cause it cuud bee da last time **wipez teer frum eye* It appeerz Dr Dave haz fallen fer me n now he lubz me like he did Mingflower; boy waz me n Mum gobsmacked! All went well frum dat point. Me had me Cartrophen n Pepcid injeckshunz n da oral Mirtazipine n me even wrestled wif Miss Terry N Dr Dave n spit da pill out once!!! Dr Dave said he was “so HAPPY” me had dat much energee to do dat….So we left feelin guud altho purrplexed (maybee itz fer da best..MOL)

Aftur all da drama of firez n wurryin ’bout Dr Dave we got a parcel in da ve mail frum Aunti Bev:Deliveree to Mum n meN da card looked like diz:Gift card frum AuntiN den da guud stuff! One crowhsayed stuffie fer me:Me new mousieN one fer Mum :Speedy turtle 1Are dey not  da cutest??? Me named me mouse Morty n Mum named her turtle Speedy. Don’t dey look cute together?Look at da stuffiezWe want to give a B-I-G ‘meow-out’ n Phank ya to Aunti Bev fer finkin of us n beein so kind. Den we got another giftie:Pretty plantIzn’t diz Mum plant gorgeeuss?? Miss Stella n Mistur Jeff had brott it to da Temple fer da Hie Holey Dayz sirivicez n dey deecided to give it to me n Mum fer da patio! Now bememburr we not apposta have anyfing like diz on da patio butt eberyone doez around da buildin?!?! Well Miss Stella n Mum fink alike ;) Da meen nastee cranky Manager did see it butt neber said a werd, MOL. Nanner nanner nanner!PPFFFFTTTHHHH!  ;)….Phankz fer da purrty plant Miss Stella n Mistur Jeff it reelly makez da patio look lubly!

Furinallee me haz to tell ya ’bout Juno. Now me betz ya all iz wunderin who iz Juno?? Well here he iz:Juno spookyHe livez on da street beehind our buildin wif hiz Brofur Scrambler n da Hu’Man n her 3 hu’man kittz. Da lady letz da boys ramble ’round da nayburrhood n Mum bin over to speek to her kindlee ’bout keepin da katz inside which haz bin goin well fer diz yeer…til Wednesday nite when Abby-ka-dabrah dere waz Juno at 8:30 P.M. lookin upset n hungree. Mum gave him food n milk n we had a  meow while he eated:Juno & NylaBMe finkz me scared him a bit but me not meen to…Mum spoke to Juno too n he gave her a look befur he left to reeturn to hiz street:JunoLazer eyez Juno!!! Let da FORCE bee wif ya Kittehboy! We warned him ’bout Braveheart n Greyboy so we hopez he gott back inside safe. Mum DID call hiz Hu’Man 4 timez in 2 dayz butt no one answered or called back. We not seen Juno since so we hopez he iz inside safe n warm. Whew it bin one buzy week n yah Braveheart n Greyboy comin nitely fer dere suppa n altho’ dey yowlz n howlz at each other dey HAZ NIT bin fightin which iz reemarkabull izn’t it?? Sorta an uneazy truce we finkz, MOL….So me furendz we rap up anothe week here at da Purrfect Pad! Wishin eberyone a Happy n turkey filled Phankzgivin if ya sellybratez lotz of punkin pie…mmmmm…punkin….Punkin Pie fer NylablueMe sneeked a nibbull of Mum’z ;) Oh n one more fing: Pleeze purray fer Speedy n fer Zoe frum Brian’z Home! Speedy still on da mend frum hiz tummy upset n poor Zoe had to have surgery to reemove a firball da size of a racketball inside her!!!! Sendin POTP (Power of da Paw) to both of me deer furendz:purrsforspeedy 2014


Sister Zoe frum Brian'z Home bloggie

Sister Zoe frum Brian’z Home bloggie

Okayz now me iz sun…no reelly! Me iz finnished…fer shure…Nylablue O-U-T!!!! :)