Caturday Katchat feeturin Isabella

EEoww Krazy Katz: Bet ya thott we wuud not post so soon again?? Well me n Mum haz alot to meow ’bout!! Da weather here iz pawfull n chilli so gather round n let me meow to ya:Snow n Hercule Poirot 008Eberyone comfy n got sum snackz? Okayz ferst let me tell ya ’bout me weeklee Tuesday bizit to Dr Dave. It went WELL…as in me did not attack or get all coo-gurrey on him! Me iz 4.3 kgz again n vitalz all okayz altho me BP waz down a bit. He said iz all rite ’cause Mum look wurried (she doez DAT alot). Me had Cartrophen fer any inflammashun me haz n da Pepcid n oral Mirtazipine in a Pill Pocket what made me froth like Cujo!!! Not shure why me waz lookin all frothy n rabid butt Mum n Dr Dave deecided no more Pill Pocket fer me; thank KATGOD…it iz made of duck (what did a duck eber do to me?) n green peaz (do me look like a veggietareean??) So me haz bin eatin guud n feelin purrty guud butt today me iz bery tired n sleepin alot. Not reel interested in nomz either…iz da weather! Chilli n cloudy n rainin n did me menshun chilli??? Where did Summer go?? **FLOUNDER**

We had sum turrible funderstormz pass thru here last weekend n durin da week n diz iz what it looked like at 4 pm in da afternoon:Wild T-stormN it gotted werse:Wild T-storm 2Mind ya we not haz snow (yet) like Queen Penelope aka Nellie did in Alberta…bbrrr….diz iz cwazy weather here in Canada!

 As fer Mum, poor clapped out sad sack hertin Mum iz one *FLOUNDER* of a flare-up!! Siriuslee can barely walk n she iz eben staggerin ’round da apartmint! Me iz reedy to paw 911 if needed me can tell ya…maybee get dat hansum dark haired fireman to come pick Mum off da floor… ;)  So Mum haz not bin 100 purr cent n haz cott up n fallen beehind purr ushual wif bloggie bizitz…pleeze bear wif us okayz??

We iz gonna put out an APB on *Hippy Hop* az he haz dissapeered…diz waz us on Wednesday meowin wif each other:NylaB & HippyHop 1We had a lubly chat n he seemed in guud spiritz n eben hung out wif me birdie furend Cassie:HippyHop & Penelope*Hippy Hop* where are ya?? Mum putz seedz out under da table on da patio twice a day butt NO *Hippy Hop*…so if ya seez him in yer nayburrhood pleeze tell him to fly home ASAP! We iz wurried…

So on to da update ’bout Isabella what Mum n Aunti Judith n Cuss-in Shawna rescued August 18th. Isabella haz bin treeted fer wermz n den she went into heet. She iz waitin to bee spayed next week. Mum bin tryin to get to see her n furinallee she got to da Sheltur today!! So me gonna let Mum meow ’bout her bizit n show ya new pix of Isabella…take it away Mum!

Thankz Nylablue. Well it has been almost a month so I had no idea if Isabella would remember me. When I went into the cat room & called her name she meowed loudly & came right to the door. Instead of boring you with words I will let Isabella share our visit in photos that speak volumes:

Hey Lady you talkin to me?

Hey Lady is that you??


Is it reallee you who rescued me?

Is it reallee You who rescued me?


It IS You who rescued me!!

It IS You who rescued me!!

Is grate to see you Lady!

Is grate to see you Lady!

Can me come home with you Lady?

Can me come home with you Lady?


Me doing wiggle worm of happyness in Lady's arms...

Me doing wiggle worm of happyness in Lady’s arms…

Fanks fer comin to vizit n bring food n treets to me.

Fanks fer comin to vizit n bring food n treets to me.

So much fer me selfie, MOL!

So much fer me selfie, MOL!

Doesn’t Isabella look great? She has put on weight & is very happy & bouncy & waiting for her spay surgery next week. She is a unique little kitty girl. Before I left I had a chat with another kitty named Gibby. He is a mature boy & very laid back & docile. Another cat found wandering & unclaimed & yes he is neutered!, There is something so endearing about Gibby:

Fankz fer hangin out with me n givin me treatz; now can ya find me a new home?

Fankz fer hangin out with me n givin me treatz; now can ya find me a new home?

So that was my visit to our local Shelter. I was talking to the young lady who works there & we both agreed this has been a very active year for Calico & Orange Tabbies. Funny how these things go in cycles. At this time there are actually 5 orange tabbies up for adoption…I have a HUGE soft spot for them (don’t tell Nylablue.) Ok back over to my Sweet Feet!

Yow izn’t me Mum pawtastick?? Okayz me iz a ‘bit’ byassed butt trulee me Mum lubz all da 4 leggedz n she haz a golden heart; golden like Isabella’z eyez n she will go da xtra mile to help a kitteh or poochie or bunneh bee safe n cared for. Again we phankz Aunti Renee n Unckle Todd n Miss Harley fer all dere guud werk n deevoshun to da 4 leggedz; where wuud dey bee wifout all of ya??? *wipez teer frum eye*.  N Mum, me nose ya haz a softie spot for orinche kittehz butt me nose ya lubz me BEST!  ;) Speekin of orinche kittehz Braveheart iz well as iz Greyboy (what iz not orinche) butt he iz fine too. Dey haz werked out a sistem so Greyboy comes here ferst to eat n den Mum topz up da food n treetz n den Braveheart showz up fer hiz suppa. Diz way no fightin happenz n we ALL iz happy….so dat’z da newz frum Da Purrfect Pad. Phankz deer furendz fer stoppin by; let’z all have sum tuna-tuna n Chickin feest n Beggin Stripz  n sum nice Rowmaine lettuce n parsley!! Dig in deependin on what yer choice iz…Nylablue out (but not out in Condo ’cause it iz too chilli)Kat on da mat 1

Feral me furry backside Braveheart!!!!!

Pulleeze adopt me!

Pulleeze adopt me!

Yow Kwazy Katz iz Nylablue here to share another orinche kitteh’z storey. We keepz sharin ’bout Tigger hopin sumone will see him n fall in lub n open dere home to diz sweet kittehboy!!!  Seemz diz iz da “year of da orinche kitteh” all ’round da werld…makez one wunder, doezn’t it ?? HHmmmm….Anywho me waz gonna do a one-on-one wif Braveheart butt he iz shy so we deecided he wuud tell hiz storey hiz way here. So here goez! Take it away BH!  ;)

Meeello me name iz Paulie butt ya all no me ass Braveheart from diss Hu’man what feedss me on her patio. Me hass lived in diss area fer 3 cycless of our 4 seesonss (3 years) over on da next street. Da lady did not realize who me wass untill she spoke to Scrambler n Juno’ss Mum who livess on me street. So fur a very very long time,  Nylablue’ss Mum thott me wass a feral kat ass me would not let her near me…untill me showed up lookin like diss a few weekss ago:Braveheart with collarWhat do you all notiss?? A coller! Not only a coller butt a bell too. Thiss iss sort of embarrassin becuz me wass supposed to be a tough street feral kat n me iss just a humble kat wif a home. Dere iss a problem tho. Me doess not get much attention or food at home. Me iss put out ALOT n me iss not fixed so me tendss to roam all over the place…

Me found out about thiss patio from another mankat named Greyboy so thott I would check it out….now me hass claimed the patio & the food & the lady ass mine. See what happenss when Greyboy & me show up at the same time:Greyboy & BraveheartDere are tense momentss while we ‘chat’ butt me standss (sitss) me ground:Me here firstSo Greyboy (who iss one big sissy kat) saunturss away like diss:Greyboy leavingAnd me watchess him go (very slowlee) away…he lookss back butt me doess not want him on MY patio:Braveheart watchesSee ya latur Alley-gatur (kat), MOL!!! So dat iss me story n me iss stickin to it! Greyboy had a coller and bell a while ago butt it iss gone aftur a furoshuss fight with Hercule Purr-o. He wass a true street kat and not afraid of katzz twice hiss size…diss wass hiss downfall. Me triess to avoid fightss also. I do not want to mess up me handsum fur coat. Will me ever let the Nylablue’ss Mum touch me?? Not sure; there are so many trust issuess however me doess sit & lissen to her when she speekss to me…thiss iss a start….Thankss for reedin me story. Braveheart on the move……

Apawz Apawz Braveheart!! Ya did a pawsum job sharin yer storey wif all of us. Faithfull reederz diz iz another storey of a Limbo kitteh…like da onez The Cult Of Otis rite ’bout. Seemz no mattur how much Mum n da Feral Kitteh group peepz n Aunti Renee n Unckle Todd spread da ‘guud werd’ ’bout makin all kittehz safe dere are more dat show up lookin fer a meal n treetz n sum guud werdz frum me n Mum! We will continue to feed da Limbo kittehz like Greyboy n Braveheart n we will continue to purray dat dere ownurz will change dere wayz!!

As fer da weather it haz gotten REEL chilli here frum da stormz what hit Alberta out west..we haz had sum turrible rain; no snow butt so chilli me cannot go out in Condo……BRRRR…Plus it wuud flare up me Herpes Virus so me iz soakin up sum Sun rayz in me purrsonal sunpuddle:Nylablue snoozin in sun 2Twinklestar iz watchin over me az iz Petal Puss…me iz one blessed kitteh gurl…Nylablue snoozin out….


Caturday Katchat aka Rappin wif *Hippy Hop*

paw-it-forward-TIGGER badge

EEoowww Krazy Katz: So how waz yer week eberyone?? Seemz we waz all purrty busy wif one fing or another. We had a grrreat Monday hangin out on da patio n watchin da storm! Me enjoyz a dark n noisey storm:

Yah Mum iz rainin out

Yah Mum iz rainin out

Did ya hear DAT funder Mum?

Did ya hear DAT funder Mum?

So iz dark do me haz to come in yet?

So iz dark do me haz to come in yet?

Nuffin like a guud storm to liven fingz up. Tuesday waz a guud day at Dr Dave’z too. Me waz beehaved n me had B12 n Pepcid injeckshunz n oral Mirtazipine in half a Pill Pocket….nommie chickin guudness altho’ beeleegurred  ruffled Dr Dave still had to stuff it down me throat. Butt me DID beehave n let him do a flea treetmint too; sort of a bow-nus fer him!!! 

So me cuud waffle on ’bout our week here butt me haz a guest blogger so wifout further adew wellcome *Hippy Hop* Sparrow!
Tweet churp tweet…umm Chello me name iss Hippy Hop n me iss thee Crippulled Sparrow.

Chello iss me Hippy Hop!

Chello iss me Hippy Hop!

 Me wass injured last yeer by a feral kat what meaned no reel harm n so me hass trooble walkin properley and me flyin iz a bit wobbley too. So imaginn me surprize when kat Nylablue beefreended me! She told me she wood not hurt me or try to eat me evur n she hass been good as her wurd. As all of yous no me home the pine tree wass taken away in da blink of me burdy eyes. Me flew away to thee back of the building to try to live but it wass so hard. So many burds back there and no seedss. So me wurked at flying back to the front of thee building which tooked a long time….well fer me it wass a long time. Da  nice lady who used to fill thee  feedur put seedss down in thee cornur of thee patio and me found them:Hippy Hop 1Hippy Hop 2Hippy Hop 3Me can eatz as much as me wantss and thee nice lady will not let thee pijunss peck me or steel thee food. Nylablue told me thiss iss her Hueman who lovess her and all thee burdss and wild animullss. She also told me that me iss her Huemanss faveritt burd!!! Thiss iss so touching to me wee burd heart. Nylablue told me that her Hueman hass buried all the sparrowss that have died here. Thiss iss so admer…admira..admirro…caring and kind….I hope you do not mind thiss iss not an fancee post but me iss a simple Sparrow. Oh I have been abull to pracktice my flying and now me can fly up into thee old Ceedar tree to sleep at nite. Th-thank you for letting me share me littul storee with all of you. Th-thank you Nylablue for beeing my fureend and th-thank you nice lady for thee seedss and thee water and for looking for me dailey and alwayss talking to me…a humble littul cripulled Sparrow…

My bird seedss n me//

My bird seedss n me

Me must fly up to thee tree for sleep now…tweet byebye

Phank ya so much Hippy Hop for sharin yer storey wif us n phankz Mum fer takin such grrreat pix of me feathery furend. He iz da sweetest birdie me nose!!!!! So it IZ pawssible dat kittehz n birdiez can beecome furendz. Oh n Tabbiez O’Trout Towne me apaulogizez if diz post o-fendz ya…iz hard fer me to bee furendz wif fishiez ’cause dey iz in da river n me not live dere ;)

Befur me goez me haz to tell ya a funny storey. Dr Dave told Mum to nott feed me tuna-tuna fer a week to see if me bowelz wuud stay calm. Dat lasted fer 6 dayz! See what happened:

Where iz me tuna-tuna Mum?? Where??

Where iz me tuna-tuna Mum?? Where??

Followed wif pleedin:

Pleeze pleeze me needz tuna-tuna...

Pleeze pleeze me needz tuna-tuna…

In den BINGO!!!

REESULT! Tuna-tuna!!!!

REEALLY me CAN haz tuna-tuna!!!!

Mum gave me sum tuna-tuna today n me tummy iz purrin n NOTT gurglin! Hurrah fer tuna-tuna!!!

AAAWWWWW me delish tuna-tuna.....nom nom slurp nom..

AAAWWWWW me delish tuna-tuna…..nom nom slurp nom..

**BURP** Xcuse me…must go now…me tuna-tuna iz callin me….Nylablue out (aren’t ya glad yer a Birdie *Hippy Hop*?)




Kitkat Caturday Katchat wif *Nylablue*


EEoww Krazy Katz: Hopin eberyone haz had a grrreat week! We had a sorta weerd week; nuffin unusual ferDa Purrfect Pad rite??? Ferst we wantz to share sum sad newz wif ya n ask ya to goez to Penelope Kowalik’z Facebook page n leeve sum guud werdz. Penelope’s Mum haz to take Bob, one of da Hairy Slobbery Sisfur’z to da Vet’s to bee helped to Summerland today.Bob Nellie's SisfurWe adorez Bob n we iz sad to see her go…we purray she will pass to Summerland in peece n run free fureber! We sendz lub n purrz n purrayerz to Penelope aka Nellie n Jo-Jo n Cinnamon n dere pawentz.

Bet yer wunderin how me Vet bizit went too?? Well me waz da PURRFECT kittehgurl…. no REELLY!!! Me waz well beehaved n guud fer Dr Dave. Me losted a bit of weight so onlee 4.2 kgz so Mum asked fer higher dose of Mirtazipine….so me got dat n Pepcid n me monthlee Depomedrol which controlz da smelly pain in da A** nastee Bowel Disease n Pancreatitis. ;) Me cuud see da reeleef on Dr Dave’z face when me beehaved.  Me iz eatin guud n feelin purrty perkey! We sendz Dr Dave conkatulayshunz as he gott AAHA accreditashun award frum North American Vet’z again diz yeer; makin it 20 YEERZ IN A ROW fer Dr Dave n hiz teem beein chosen…Onlee da BESTEST fer me!! MOL…..

Den me gottz a bunderfull sirprize frum me BFF Savannah n Aunti Linda n Sage. At ferst me nott beeleeve diz ALl fer me:Nylablue's treats1N den me did beeleeve:Nylablue treats 2So much guud nommiez n snackz n a new toy n a postcard too:Postcard from Savannah n SageOh Savannah ya iz so sweet n kind n carin n so iz Aunti Linda! Me reelly lubz da Blue Wilderness treetz n da ‘nip mousie iz kewl:Mousie n NipDa treetz are chewy soft so fer an old gurl wif no teefiez dey iz purrfect! Phankz phankz phankz fer da sirprise Savannah n Sage n Aunti!! Ya made me week purrfect. Me haz bin out dailee in me Condo enjoyin da nice tempz n sunshine:NB snugglin PinkyWe were waitin fer da werkmen to come innstall a new heet deetecktur in our place butt dey got beehind n did not get to us (so dey will bee back Tuesday to finish da apartmintz n me iz gonna bee out in Condo fer shure ’cause drilling thru conkreet block ceilin iz not fer me!!!! Mum went upstairz yesturday (Furiday) n kitteh sat me Cuss-in Purrsia while da werkmen were at her place:Purrsia 2014Izn’t Purrsia gorgeeuss?? Mum found her fer Aunti Ruth at Aunti Renee n Unckle Todd’z Sheltur last Decemburr just befur Catmess.. Aunti Ruth had wanted a Turkish Angora wif 2 differint colored eyez fer a yeer. Me finkz Mum did bery guud, don’t ya??. Purrsia iz spayed n deewermed n feelin grreat now n happy wif Aunti Ruth!! Anywho, Mum tooked guud care of Purrsia n she nott scared of da noise of da drill at all n eated n played wif Mum. Mum shure iz a kitteh whisspurrer…no kitteh can reesist me Mum. Me had an idea n sneeked a photo of Mum when she waz ready to go to Temple fer a Bar-B-Q Fursday evenin:S-E selfie 2Wait til Mum seez diz posted here….MOL me iz gonna bee in sum trubble butt me finkz Mum iz cute as a button (like she tellz me). Aftur all she takez a bazillion pix of me so what iz one pic of Mum rite, rite???

Oh n little Isabella who iz at Sheltur iz now in heet so she will haz to bee spayed. Mum said she iz sorta glad she went into heet so Aunti Renee wuud nose fer shure which makez sense (sorta). Isabella Aug 2014 015Mum waz apposta to go bizit her today butt she haz bin on da go all week n iz bery humid out so she postponed her bizit n stayed home wif me….phankz Mum! Iz BERY nice ya bememburrz me yer kittehgurl n ya nott runnin off to bee wif another kittehgurl ;) So dat’z da newz frum here n me must say it haz bin a quietur week fer me n dat made me bery happy so me gonna go back out in Condo n enjoy Caturday:Lubbie NylablueLubbin Nylablue out…out in da sunshine out :)